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29–30 April, 2015 | ICC ExCeL, London


Get smarter at Adobe Summit.

Whether you're just getting started or you're a digital marketing expert, Adobe Summit will give you the latest strategies and information to increase your knowledge and grow your business through digital marketing.

Choose from more than 100 in-depth sessions across ten tracks, including hands-on labs and preconference courses designed to help you make the most of your marketing investments.

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Digital Experience Management
For web, content, digital, social, and mobile marketers and strategists

Years ago, online marketers thought the key to success was driving as much traffic as possible to their website, believing more impressions would yield higher conversion rates and, ultimately, more revenue. But today, things have changed. Customers now demand contextualised experiences that are more relevant and personalised regardless of the mobile device they own, the website they use to interact, or even the digital kiosk they are passing. Join us for lively discussions and best practices on how enterprises worldwide are pushing the limits on creating, delivering, and optimising digital content through online and offline channels. You’ll hear from Adobe experts, partners and key brands in the industry on how providing contextualised experiences can help maximise your brand value and your bottom line.

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Campaign Management and Email Marketing
For marketing executives, marketing analysts, and email marketers

The explosion of digital channels and empowered consumers has made marketing more complex than ever before. Cross-channel campaign management addresses this challenge, and email still proves to be a key component of a successful customer engagement strategy. Join your peers, along with Adobe experts, thought leaders, and customers, as they discuss best practices, strategies and success stories for cross-channel campaign management, including email marketing.

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Marketing Analytics
For web analysts, business analysts, and digital and mobile marketers

The era of big data has necessitated that marketing and analytics professionals have a good understanding of how digital experiences come into play at all customer touch points. Advances in data science have made attribution and predictive marketing achievable now, not just a wish for the future. Understanding how channels such as mobile, in-store, call centre, and social impact traditional web content has become essential to providing a truly personalised customer journey. Engage with Adobe experts, innovative marketers, and industry thought leaders as they share new ideas and strategies to evolve your marketing analytics practice.

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Personalisation and Optimisation
For content, digital, and mobile marketers

Personalising your website, mobile site, apps, and other digital touchpoints maximises revenue by increasing visitor engagement, conversion and loyalty. But the first step in getting there — implementing strategic testing and targeting practices — can prove a significant challenge. When your potential and existing customers are continually bombarded with digital distractions, predicting exactly which content or offer is going to entice them to take the next step in the conversion journey can be difficult. What’s more, knowing what to test can be a guessing game that detracts from discovering the optimal experiences for that very first interaction to the final conversion event, and every critical interaction in-between. Learn from experts how streamlined optimisation and automated personalisation give you the freedom to experiment with creative ideas with as much marketer control as you want, and deliver curated digital experiences that pay off from a brand and revenue perspective.

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Digital Advertising
For advertisers, publishers, and agencies

As the world of advertising continues to be saturated with buzzwords and jargon that can mask actual results, it’s helpful to cut through the rhetoric and discuss actual findings. In 2014, marketers spent $55.7 billion on search advertising, and by 2016, 27% of advertising budgets will be dedicated to digital. Print is still beautiful and relevant, but marketers have shifted in large part from Mad Men to Maths Men. The Digital Advertising track will focus on real customers using technology and data to run their businesses more effectively.

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Social Marketing
For social and content marketers, analysts, and advertisers

Social networking is the number one consumer activity on the web and an increasingly important layer across marketing channels and campaigns, yet many marketers admit that social efforts are still difficult to manage and measure. Learn about key practices necessary to capitalise on this evolving space, and walk away with tangible strategies for creating a social marketing practice tied to real, quantifiable business returns. Not just for social marketers, this track is designed to help all marketing departments identify how to measure the impact of social efforts, integrate and activate social content across marketing campaigns, and use rich social data to optimise marketing communications across the customer journey.

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Mobile Development and Marketing
For mobile strategists, product managers, mobile marketers, digital analysts, and developers

Companies are making dual investments in apps and mobile web experiences to reach audiences across smartphones and tablets. However, marketers and developers must overcome the complexity of creating, managing, measuring, and optimising experiences for mobile consumers across all platforms, devices and app stores. Learn from customers, partners and Adobe experts about the best practices for achieving mobile marketing success. Our sessions will cover the entire marketing lifecycle including mobile app and responsive web development, mobile analytics, mobile campaign management, mobile optimisation and intelligent location marketing.

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Innovations and Thought Leaders
For marketing executives

Listen to innovative business and thought leaders discuss the latest trends. These sessions feature individuals who are at the forefront when it comes to the digital age. Leading innovators will share their expertise and vision on how to take digital channels to the next level. Engage with fellow marketing executives to learn how to combine leadership insights, strategies and the digital marketing solutions that will enable you to build the next generation of marketing success for your organisation.

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Digital Marketing Operations
For IT, operations and digital marketers

As your organisation evolves through its digital transformation process you will need to employ increasingly complex strategies and processes that touch every part of your business. This means the new digital marketer now more than ever will have to work even closer with other departments and have a fuller appreciation of how the digital agenda affects legal, operations and IT. In the Digital Marketing Operations track you will learn from Adobe experts and thought leaders alike as they share their marketing operations strategies and techniques.

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Technical and Hands-on Labs
For developers

Dive into the practical side of marketing with sessions and hands-on technical labs that focus on how to implement technologies and solutions across Adobe Marketing Cloud. Topics will closely align across the other tracks and focus on how to apply the solutions within your particular business. Led by Adobe experts, this track will teach you valuable product tips and tricks and ways to make the most of your investment in Adobe technology.

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