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Learn from the experts.

At Summit, you’ll get the latest strategies for bringing all your content and data together in one place and delivering the ideal experience to every customer.

Choose from more than 100 in-depth sessions and hands-on labs in ten tracks, including hands-on labs and preconference courses designed to help you reach — and know — your customers.

Preconference courses are an additional cost over the conference pass, but are available at a significantly reduced price.

Core Services
For all Adobe Marketing Cloud users. Learn how to take full advantage of the Adobe Marketing Cloud technology you already own. With your Adobe Marketing Cloud membership, you gain access to powerful core services that standardise data, simplify cross-solution workflows, speed collaboration and time-to-market, and connect your marketing to the Adobe Creative Cloud. Join us to learn best practices, tips and tricks for making the most of core services, and new ways to drive compelling, cross-channel experiences with Adobe Marketing Cloud.

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digital experience management
For web, content, digital, social and mobile marketers and strategists. With the explosion of mobile and connected devices, marketers are faced with the challenge of extending digital experiences beyond traditional marketing boundaries. Across websites, mobile apps, online communities, digital forms and even physical locations, personalised experiences are no longer optional, but necessary to converting new customers and building customer loyalty. This requires greater simplicity in creating, managing and delivering digital experiences regardless of channel and the ability to adapt in real-time based on the customer’s context. Join us for insightful discussions and best practices on how organisations, of all sizes, are using digital to differentiate customer experiences, while reducing time to market and the cost. From Adobe experts and partners to leading brands, you’ll come away with insight on how you manage the digital experiences today and future-proof for tomorrow.

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hands-on labs
For developers and practitioners. Dive into the practical side of marketing with sessions and hands-on labs that focus on how to implement technologies and solutions across Adobe Marketing Cloud. Topics will closely align across the other tracks and focus on how to apply the solutions within your particular business. Led by Adobe experts, this track will teach you valuable product tips and tricks and ways to make the most of your investment in Adobe technology.

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marketing analytics
For web analysts, business analysts and digital and mobile marketers. Analytics is the foundation of marketing—it informs and guides the decisions and actions that drive revenue. All business is becoming data driven, with analytics powering customer intelligence for the entire enterprise. The promise of rich insights from massive, complex customer data is clearly enticing, but connecting the dots is difficult and often overwhelming. The latest advances in analytics have made actionable customer insights accessible to any user in a data-driven organisation, enabling a more personalised and optimised customer journey. Engage with Adobe experts, innovative marketers and industry thought leaders as they share new ideas and strategies to evolve your marketing analytics practice.

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marketing innovations
For marketing executives. As innovations change the landscape, the finish line for marketing excellence is constantly moving forward. But it doesn’t have to be out of reach. This track features industry experts and business leaders who are at the forefront of innovative marketing strategies. Join and learn as they share their expertise on how to take digital marketing to the next level. Engage with fellow marketing executives to get ideas on how to combine leadership insights and marketing strategies with the digital marketing solutions that will enable you to build the next generation of marketing success for your organisation.

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personalisation and optimization
For content, digital and mobile marketers. Personalising your website, mobile site, apps and other digital touch points maximises revenue by increasing visitor engagement, conversions and loyalty. The first step in getting there—implementing strategic testing and targeting practices—can prove a significant challenge. When your potential and existing customers are continually bombarded with digital distractions, it can be difficult to predict exactly which content or offer is going to entice them to take the next step. And discovering the optimal experiences at every stage of the conversion journey hinges on knowing what to test. Learn from experts how you can experiment with creative ideas, retain the control you want and deliver the most effective personalised digital experiences that pay off from a brand and revenue perspective.

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programmatic advertising
For advertiser, agency and marketing decision makers and practitioners. Over the next five years, the proportion of digital media that will be bought through a programmatic platform will grow from 18% to 60% from almost $10B to nearly $70B. That’s a huge increase so it’s important to understand what it means for your business. You need to be able to target your audience with the help of an automated, data-driven and transparent marketing and advertising ecosystem. To do this effectively, leveraging an array of data sets across integrated technology is imperative. Is your business ready? The Programmatic Advertising track will showcase industry leaders and real case studies to highlight the opportunities and requirements to compete in this new era of marketing.

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vertical industry
For marketing and business executives who want to know more about digital transformation in their industries. Vertical industry sessions focus on customer stories and solutions for specific industries including Financial Services & Insurance, Retail, Automotive, Telco, B2B, Media & Entertainment and Travel & Hospitality. These 45 to 90-minute sessions take a deeper look at how top brands are leveraging a combination of people, process & technology for business success.

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