Latest trends, fresh tools and techniques

See the best of digital experiences, commerce, and customer experience management.

Latest trends, fresh tools and techniques

See the best of digital experiences, commerce, and customer experience management.

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Industry Sessions

In automotive, our customers face daunting challenges after record-setting growth in past decades. But this highly competitive market is up against rapid disruption, with more diverse mobility, autonomous driving and car sharing, electrification, and connectivity. Going forward, original equipment manufacturers anticipate new revenue opportunities for in-car data and new markets. But they struggle to break data silos between multiple teams and develop software as quickly as the competition. Learn more about digital trends for automotive in 2020 and how we help our customers globally to unify customer profiles and deliver meaningful, consistent experiences — regardless of channel.

Industry Sessions

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    Customer Experience in the Fast Lane – Accelerating Engagement in Automotive

    In Automotive, our customers are experiencing an array of challenges after record-setting growth in the past decades. This highly competitive market is facing rapid disruption in the face of more diverse mobility options, such as autonomous driving, car sharing, electrification, and connectivity. OEMs struggle to break data silos between brands, dealers, and services and become software-mature as quickly as the competition – like Google and Tesla – are becoming proficient at manufacturing vehicles. We'll discuss the 2020 digital trends in Automotive and how Adobe helps its customers globally. Hear from our Automotive customers about their journey of unifying the customer profile and delivering experiences that are meaningful, consistent, and convenient.

    This session addresses:

    • Latest on the "Digital Trends in Automotive 2020"
    • How a unique automotive brand is engaging its high-profile customers
    • Relevance of the customer experience in the fast lane of super sports cars

B2B marketers are evolving rapidly. Competing in the new world of B2B requires agile digital capabilities enabling you to do more with less. Heightened customer expectations demand that B2B organizations reconsider how they do business. The competitive landscape continues to shift, end-users demand attention, and distribution channels are changing. The B2B brands that invest in the customer experience far outpace their peers. Come see how B2B organizations are using Adobe Experience Cloud to redefine their space and deliver valuable experiences.

Industry Sessions

  • Industry Super Session
    B2B Customer Experience: Out with the Old, in with the New

    Heightened customer expectations demand that B2B organizations reconsider how they do business. The competitive landscape continues to shift, end users demand attention, and distribution channels are changing. Competing in the new world of B2B requires agile digital capabilities that enable you to do more with less. B2B brands that invest in the customer experience far outpace their peers. Discover how B2B organizations are using Adobe Experience Cloud to redefine their space and deliver valuable experiences.

    In this session, we'll present:

    • Latest trends from B2B research
    • How customer expectations are changing B2B
    • Staying agile with rapidly evolving go to market models 
    • Reinventing your B2B brand
  • Industry Session
    Build a Model to Develop Ideal Sales-qualified Leads

    In today's marketing world, you can capture people's online body language: the pages they visit, emails they click, content they download, firmographic information, job title, and even their behavior outside of your own website. The trouble comes when you have to take all this data and turn it into qualified leads. Find out how to generate perfect sales leads and leave your sellers singing you high praises.

    In this session, learn:

    • How to use all the information that you have to develop and send sales the right lead
    • Which scoring mechanisms need to be in place to drive demand, build pipeline, and hit revenue targets

  • Industry Session
    Customer Zero: Marketo Engage Implementation at Adobe

    In 2018, Marketo at Marketo launched. In 2019, Adobe leaders tackled an even larger mission by bringing Marketo Engage into a complex ecosystem and reorganizing its marketing technology operations team to support and enable marketers across the organization to leverage the solution. Hear about the highs and lows of the implementation and how we overcame the challenges.

    In this session, learn:

    • How to tackle technical challenges of integrating Marketo Engage into a complex ecosystem
    • How our MarTech team has advanced the platform to deliver the best experience to marketers

  • Industry Session
    Going Global? Learn Best Practices for Content Management from HP Enterprise

    Content is the center of today’s experience-driven marketing. But what does it really take to deploy, manage, and secure the right content for our always-on, global, enterprise audiences? HP Enterprise has stayed ahead of the game, deploying 43 localized sites and managing content across multiple business units around the globe. See the results of HP Enterprise’s content-first architecture. Learn how Adobe Experience Manager managed services support the global scale of the modern enterprise. Get the real story on what it takes to push your content to work harder, better, and faster to deliver for the modern, experience-led business.

    Key takeaways:

    • Learn how Experience Manager supports global enterprise content architectures for localization, performance, and security
    • Discover how modern content management features can make your content work harder
    • Hear from HP’s Digital Platform team on what it takes to align people, processes, and architecture to support delivery of exceptional experiences for today’s global enterprises

  • Industry Session
    Growing Your ROI with Strong Attribution

    It doesn't matter how great the campaign is – a marketing department stands out when its attribution is strong. Whether you're thinking about exploring ROI reporting or are already deep into the weeds, this session prepares you to take the next step. Learn how Marketo Engage thinks about attribution and where to find basic attribution fields and reporting. No matter where you are in your attribution process, discover methods for capturing the right data in Marketo Engage, Marketo Engage Advanced Reports Builder (formerly Revenue Cycle Explorer), and Bizible by Marketo. Walk away with the knowledge you need to confidently roll out your next phase of attribution ... and the phase after that.

    Leave learning:

    • The theory of attribution from first touch all the way to AI-driven
    • Marketo Engage Program and SFDC Campaign setup to ensure actionable data now and in the future
    • Best practices from implementation to overhaul

  • Industry Session
    The Enlightened Algorithm: Beyond Best Practice Email Marketing

    Most marketing departments are using outdated email metrics that often hide scary truths under the comfort of opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. It's time to stop sweeping these poor reporting structures under the rug. The truth is that an email with great metrics could be costing you in ways you'd never expect. You've already sunsetted inactive contacts, maxed out your sender score, have low hard bounces, and decent performance rates. But there's still room for improvement. In fact, there's a new way to look at your numbers with data that you already have and didn't know existed.

    Leave this session with:

    • A method that opens your eyes to new opportunities called the "email enlightenment algorithm"
    • A deep understanding of how the algorithm works
    • Actionable insights so that you can start making improvements to your emails today

  • Industry Session
    How uses Adobe Sensei AI to Personalize Experiences

    As one of the largest B2E sites on the internet, has fully embraced its role as "Customer Zero" for Adobe Experience Cloud, adopting every solution for both B2B and B2C use cases globally. As a digital destination that serves a myriad of personas, including hands-on creatives, nontechnical marketers, and deeply technical IT buyers, personalization is crucial to the success of Join product managers Tamer Mina and Mark Tuyay as they showcase true stories of how personalization works on

    Learn about:

    • Keeping content relevant and fresh without the need for manual updates
    • Using fluid experiences to scale recommended content across
    • Automating content ingestion into Adobe Target Recommendations
    • Tracking performance of the recommended content and how it correlates to lead generation

It’s a new consumer goods world, driven by consumer expectations and enabled by amazing digital experiences — and it offers unprecedented opportunities. Digital marketing technology gives consumer-goods brands the chance to get to know consumers in a deeper way and nurture relationships with them. So they can build on the assets only they have — their history, their product expertise, and their brand. Learn how leading consumer goods brands are embracing digital experiences to drive growth and win consumer loyalty.

Industry Sessions

  • Industry Super Session
    Take It personally! CXM Is the New Mandate in Consumer Goods

    Consumers want relationships with the brands they trust. That means CPGs that historically relied on traditional mass media and broad messaging to grow their brands – and left the relationship-building to retail partners – need to focus on personalized digital experiences to connect with consumers and keep them loyal. Hear stories from consumer goods innovators who’ve embraced CXM (customer experience management) to meet the rapidly growing demands of today’s consumers and reaped the business rewards in the process. These industry experts and agents of change are taking control of their brand’s destiny and setting the stage for future success.

    Learn about:

    • Connecting with consumers: Leveraging newly acquired first-party data in combination with existing data to engage consumers on their terms
    • Role of technology: How technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning can help us achieve our goals
    • Evangelism and change management: Organizing around people, processes, and partners to gain enterprise-wide buy-in on evolved business models and digital transformation

In financial services, trusted relationships are what matter. With data and technology, we can exceed expectations, simplify lives, and deepen customer relationships through the achievement of meaningful outcomes. Creating experiences that build trust requires technology-enabled capabilities across data and content. Learn firsthand how banks, insurance companies, and wealth management firms are using Adobe Experience Cloud to build, manage, and deliver an experience that delights customers and drives impact across channels and devices.

Industry Sessions

  • Industry Super Session
    From Lagging to Leading – The Digital Transformation of Financial Services

    At the heart of digital transformation is the consumer, and the focal point of meeting the evolving needs and demands of the consumer is experience. The aspiration of every financial services institution is to demonstrate how well it understands the needs of its customers through highly relevant and engaging experiences. Financial services companies not only need to connect various data sources, systems, and channels, but also connect emotionally with their customers. While this is a daunting task, the industry is starting to gain traction in digital with many leading the way. This session takes a broad look at transformation initiatives that involve people, processes, and technology.

    Join us as we present:

    • The latest trends from the 2020 Adobe financial services survey
    • Perspectives from State Street Global Advisors and US Bank on their evolution, challenges, and successes in digital
  • Industry Session
    Deliver on Your Brand Promise with Personalization, an M&T Bank Case Study

    M Bank has always been focused on understanding and striving to serve its customers' needs better than anyone else. However, legacy technologies and paradigms have made delivering on the brand promise in digital channels difficult. By leveraging class-leading marketing technologies, including Adobe Experience Cloud with Adobe Target, M is accelerating its digital maturity and IQ and delivering on the brand promise. M Bank's AVP of Digital MarTech and Data Strategy, Chris O'Brien, is at the center of this acceleration.

    Learn how M Bank:

    • Is transforming its culture to become digital first
    • Using Adobe Target to personalize digital experiences

Some of you are in the midst of modernizing government, others are gathering resources to dive into digital transformation, and many more know that your digital experiences can be built better — but don’t know where to begin the journey. Whatever stage you’re in, there’s tremendous opportunity in gathering insight into how others are tackling the same types of challenges that you’re facing. Adobe Summit offers the opportunity to learn about Adobe Experience Cloud and best practices in topics ranging from going paperless to personalizing citizen experiences.

Industry Sessions

  • Industry Super Session
    Mission Imperative: Improve Digital Government Experiences

    The public doesn’t think about government every day, but when people need information or services, they expect these things to be readily available, easily accessible, and meet their needs. Whether it’s modernizing websites and digital services, integrating complex outreach campaigns across multiple systems of record, or increasing efficiency for the teams who manage and author content at scale, leaders are prioritizing user-centered experience design. They share a vision of a modernized, customer-centric government creating the efficient, integrated digital experiences that everyone expects today.

    Join leaders from state, federal, and international government and Adobe’s public sector practice as we discuss:

    • What modern CX means for government, and the opportunity to turn public services into simpler, seamless experiences
    • Stories from leaders who have successfully improved experiences by establishing solid digital foundations
    • Best practices for citizen engagement across digital platforms

The healthcare industry is in the midst of extraordinary disruption to the marketplace. And you can reap all the benefits of being a fast follower in customer engagement by taking advantage of best practices, our community of partners, and our proven tools and techniques that have succeeded in retail, financial services, and other industries. Learn how to engage your customers where and when they want to be engaged, as well as how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. Provide the experiences your customers expect while you save time and money and operate within guidelines.

Industry Sessions

  • Industry Super Session
    Creating Exceptional Experiences in Healthcare

    Last year, we discussed the consumerization of the healthcare industry and how the rise of the educated, empowered customer is changing how healthcare companies engage. This year, we dive deeper to look at creating the exceptional experiences that your customers demand and how to differentiate from your competitors. Personalization in a highly regulated industry is challenging. Today’s healthcare companies must connect legacy systems and work in diverse online and offline channels, all while connecting emotionally with customers through real-time personalization at scale.

    Join us as we discuss:

    • The latest trends from the 2020 Adobe Healthcare Survey
    • Insights from leading healthcare companies on their experiences, challenges, and successes in personalization
    • The role of the Adobe Experience Platform in creating exceptional experiences in healthcare
  • Industry Session
    Healthcare at Scale: Lessons from AbbVie’s Forms Implementation

    As a company driven by passion, people, and possibilities, AbbVie strives to deliver continuous innovation to improve their healthcare solutions as well as tackle internal challenges. Customer enrollment forms are central to AbbVie's business, but the large volume of forms lacked consistency across product websites. Looking to gain efficiency and faster time to market, AbbVie set out on a journey to reimagine their forms solution and architecture with the help of Adobe Experience Manager Forms. Join us for an interactive session to understand the challenges facing businesses today when it comes to creating and maintaining a robust forms implementation at scale.

    Learn how AbbVie:

    • Developed a repeatable and reusable forms process to achieve quick ROI
    • Adopted best practices to reduce IT dependency and lower cost of ownership
    • Created a unified architecture design for all brands to accelerate time to market and increase team efficiency

In a highly competitive industry with fluid market requirements and ever-increasing customer expectations, the success of high-tech companies hinges on the agility to anticipate new trends and bring innovation to market quickly. Today, a great product or service isn’t enough. It’s time to differentiate through experiences that provide real value to your customers and partners. Join us for firsthand insight into how high-tech companies are simplifying processes, innovating through data and personalization, and finding ways to delight customers in unexpected ways.

Industry Sessions

  • Industry Super Session
    Point of Inflection: High-Tech Industry Secrets to Maintaining Explosive Growth

    High-tech companies have experienced explosive growth over the past decade, yet maintaining that growth is anything but a sure thing. Buyers' needs and expectations are morphing as are the tools available to support complex customer journeys. Hear how digital marketing leaders are transforming customer experiences and delivering bottom-line results.

    This session presents:

    • Latest trends from Adobe high-tech and B2B research
    • Role of Adobe Experience Cloud in accelerating your company’s transformation objectives
    • Practical steps to transforming marketing practices
    • Agility best practices that allow organizations to scale marketing initiatives
  • Industry Session
    Scaling Omnichannel Experiences with Intelligent Content: A Cisco Approach

    Intelligent content is the foundation for personalized dynamic experiences. You can achieve content intelligence with modular or structured authoring, but adopting structured authoring for a large, distributed team of 500+ content authors can be challenging. Cisco overcame the challenge by leveraging web-based DITA authoring and Content fragments inside Adobe Experience Manager. The reusable, modular content chunks empowered its marketing team to activate dynamically assembled personalized content experiences based on audience segments. Cisco experts discuss how they used XML Documentation for Experience Manager and SPA editor as an end-to-end solution across technical and marketing content.

    Learn how to:

    • Stitch together out-of-the-box features in Experience Manager, such as XML Authoring, Content Fragments, Experience Fragments, and SPA Editor
    • Deliver personalized offers that increase engagement and drive business impact
    • Leverage machine-learning models for scaling personalization and enabling content reuse

  • Industry Session
    Execs with Checks: Secrets to Scaling a Global Personalization Program

    Lenovo, which just celebrated its 35th birthday, is the No. 1 PC manufacturer in the world, with revenues exceeding $50 billion. Alice Sarti manages Lenovo's Worldwide Optimization Personalization program, setting strategic direction and ensuring smooth execution of 300+ experiments annually. Working with a team of project managers, developers, and analysts, she works to foster engagement and gain buy-in from diverse stakeholders and to clear roadblocks across a highly matrixed organization. Alice’s focus is to serve the most compelling content to relevant users at the right time – with process and technology aligning to meet that aim.

    In this session, learn:

    • How in three years, Lenovo grew a team of 3 to 15, implementing 15 tests a year to over 300, and where the resources came
    • What the team looks like today, and where they have backtracked
    • What the technology looks like today, and where they have struggled

Today, media and entertainment companies are taking control with direct-to-consumer products focused on differentiated offerings — for both the consumer and advertiser that please the consumer and build a solid financial future for the company. Whether it’s traditional TV programming, sports, music, news, or even wireless and cable service, the shift is measurable — and the competition is fierce — to own both the means of access to content and the content itself. You’ll hear how top brands are creating experiences that keep customers engaged and subscribed, how the shift to direct is impacting advertising, and how intelligent use of consumer data is at the core.

Industry Sessions

  • Industry Super Session
    The Power of the Platform: Driving the M&E Customer Experience with AI

    By combining the power of Adobe Experience Platform with AI-driven conversational platforms, Media, entertainment, and communications customer experience professionals and marketers can make the most of consumer interactions. By leveraging and building systems appropriately, you can improve accuracy, automate responses to customer inquiries, interests, and preferences, and deliver contextually relevant CX messages in real time or on the customer’s schedule.

    Learn about:

    • Best practices in combining Adobe Experience Platform and AI-driven conversational platforms to guide customers through the subscription lifecycle and reduce churn through enhanced focus and actionable responses
    • Use cases and rationales for developing a unified, customer platform approach through CX interactions
    • Optimizing customer experience and loyalty by better understanding consumer needs and building positive outcomes through AI-led interactions and profile development

Empowered shoppers are seamlessly transitioning between online and offline journeys. They expect merchants to keep up by offering fluid experiences, regardless of the channel. Customers may be temporarily wooed by hot deals and discounts, but loyalty is won by anticipating the needs of shoppers, finding ways to serve them faster, and creating authentic connections. These sessions will deliver insights and best practices from some of the world’s leading retailers who are transforming their organizations to streamline operations while delivering great experiences.

Industry Sessions

  • Industry Super Session
    Retail Pioneers: Leading a Brand in the World of Ubiquitous Retail

    A pioneer is someone who sees potential, an innovator who is willing to try new things. A pioneer pushes boundaries to advance a cause or idea. Hear from retail pioneers who are breaking new ground to change the paradigm of retail, and CXM (customer experience management) is at the heart of each of these transformations. These executives have experienced success in their field, sometimes by overcoming great challenges: internally and externally. They share their approaches to digital transformation as a retail leader.

    Learn about:

    • Change management: Organizing around people and processes while nurturing new partnerships
    • Digital maturity: Evangelizing digital throughout the business, online and offline
    • Role of technology: How artificial intelligence and machine learning can help us achieve our commerce goals

Travel and hospitality growth is exploding globally. But this healthy industry growth has been met with fierce competition to capture the hearts and wallets of travelers who expect personalized communication and high-quality consistent experiences. The next generation of travelers expects flawless execution in minimizing their burdens while maximizing discovery throughout their journey. Hear how top travel brands are driving profitability and guest satisfaction by focusing on the customer and delivering timeless experiences.

Industry Sessions