Join Adobe leaders and top brands in Innovation Super Sessions for what’s next in experience marketing.

  • Winning the B2C and B2B buyer in this dynamic environment requires data-driven tools that use customer context to craft commerce experiences that are convenient and engaging. Join us to discover how to execute end-to-end personalized commerce journeys and hear the latest best practices, case studies, and strategies to grow revenue and increase productivity.

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  • Join us to learn about Adobe's strategy for tackling today's — and tomorrow's — greatest customer engagement challenges, as well as to see the newest customer journey innovations designed to help brands create personalized experiences at scale.

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  • Join us to learn how Adobe’s latest innovations uniquely allow you to solve the challenges of connecting disparate teams, accelerating content velocity, and eliminating duplicative technology. Discover how to transform your disjointed content supply chain into a well-oiled content machine that drives value at scale.

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  • Learn how Adobe can help you deliver meaningful experiences deploying Adobe Real-Time CDP, Adobe Journey Optimizer, and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics — all powered by a natively connected foundation with Adobe Experience Platform.

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  • Join us to learn how you can transform your CXM approach with unique and powerful omnichannel insights that fuel real-time acquisition, retention, cross-sell/upsell, and personalized marketing campaigns that will deliver powerful results for your business.

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  • Adobe B2B offerings can help you advance your personalization, campaign velocity, lead and account qualification, and routing and attribution automation efforts. Join us to understand the keys to a highly efficient marketing-led growth engine fueled by next-gen experiences and automated marketing and sales collaboration.

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Discover the latest industry-specific solutions and learn from customer success stories.

  • Transform customer interactions into trusted relationships through highly relevant, hyper-personalized experiences at scale.

    Featured Speakers

    David Barnes

    Digital Marketing Manager,
    U.S. Bank

    Mashell Cox

    VP Product Management – Content, Personal Investing, Fidelity Investments,
    Fidelity Investments

    Gil Jawetz

    Design Director, EMEA,
    T. Rowe Price International Ltd

    Robyn Lintner

    Sr. Manager, Marketing Workflows & Tools,
    Bread Financial

    Featured Sessions

    The Journey to Driving Growth with Personalization at Scale - S318(opens in a new window)

    Personalization at scale can't happen without the ability to power content at scale. To support their goals of delivering highly relevant and contextual experiences to all their customers, T. Rowe Price recognized the need for a flexible, intelligent, and future-proof content system. They leveraged Adobe Experience Manager Sites as the foundation to their personalization efforts, which enabled them to centralize the way they managed content and accelerate time to market for business-critical campaigns across multiple channels.


    • Democratizing content authoring and establishing reusability across web, email, and other channels
    • Scaling personalization across every touchpoint and creating a unified experience
    • Leveraging built-in intelligence to optimize asset management and experience delivery

    Use the unique Experience League Community thread here to pose questions prior to, during, or after this session, and the speakers and Adobe team will answer!

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    Fidelity: One Engine for Regulatory Content Management - S325(opens in a new window)

    When Fidelity wanted to standardize its content platform and bring in a solution to provide the firm with unlimited future opportunities, it had to be easy to share with multiple systems and interfaces across the company and provide a personalized experience. In addition, the system needed to provide end to end content management capability – from review & collaboration to publication – while ensuring that content updates are self-managed by the content owners and writers.

    Join this session to:

    • Learn how Fidelity achieved its goals and reduced cycle time for regulatory content updates, by implementing Adobe Experience Manager Guides, an easily managed content solution
    • See how Experience Manager Guides helps streamline content management for product documentation & self-service help with a single platform
    • Get a peek into new out-of-the-box capabilities in Experience Manager Guides around AI, ML, & analytics for content workflows

    Session Q&A here

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    Powering Integrations with Platform & Enterprise Ecosystems - S425(opens in a new window)

    Take a deep dive into the major data integration paths that power interoperability with Adobe Experience Platform and the Platform-native applications: Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Customer Journey Analytics, and Adobe Journey Optimizer.

    Learn to use Data Collection, Data Sources, Destinations SDK, and the Data Access APIs - as well as approaches to access, export, and egress data. These capabilities provide the foundation for integrations across applications in both the Adobe ecosystem and your own enterprise technology landscape.

    In this session:

    - Learn common advantages and considerations when determining which approach and features to use for various use cases.
    - See real-world production examples of how customers and partners have integrated with Platform using these data integration capabilities

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    The “How” of Personalization at Scale in Financial Services - S754(opens in a new window)

    The priority of the financial services industry is modernizing customer experiences and delivering better outcomes through personalization and efficiency – and the challenges in achieving this modernization aren’t purely technological. Cloud-based platforms and new capabilities must come with new digital skillsets, operating models, ways of working, and a focus on change management that extends across enterprise functions. This session focuses on the “HOW” of scaling experimentation and personalization are the key ingredients that drive the use of new technologies to advance digital maturity.

    Key takeaways:

    • Insights from Adobe’s Financial Services research to understand what sets apart “Leaders” personalization
    • How leading financial services companies are successfully advancing experimentation and personalization programs that improve business outcomes
    • Which operating models, organizational structures, skillsets, and aspects of change management help improve enterprise agility
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  • Transform processes for patients and employees through highly personalized and actionable experiences.

    Featured Speakers

    Kevin Ausburn

    Associate Director, AbbVie Digital Lab,

    Joe George

    Director, Marketing Technology,

    Ben Meck

    Executive Director, Enterprise Marketing Technology,
    CVS Health

    Kim Myers

    Staff VP, Marketing Technology & Data Strategy,
    Elevance Health

    Featured Sessions

    Create Transformational Data-Driven Healthcare Experiences - S114(opens in a new window)

    Delivering delightful healthcare experiences for consumers that are easy to manage, cost-effective, and ultimately improve quality of care is HARD! To be successful, healthcare brands must understand the member and patient journey across various interactions – from acquisition through retention – to create an optimal and effective engagement strategy that delivers the best experiences possible.

    In this session: 

    • Discover insights on growing and changing experience trends across the healthcare industry 
    • Gain an understanding of Adobe's Healthcare Shield to ingest both online and offline sensitive data for profound insights using Adobe Customer Journey Analytics 
    • Learn how Elevance Health leveraged its investment in Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Cloud to uncover insights for optimizing Medicare acquisition journeys 
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    AbbVie: Forming Engaging & Innovative Enrollment Experiences - S310(opens in a new window)

    Are simple form updates slowing your team down by taking way too much time? AbbVie, a global biopharmaceutical leader, was looking for agility and speed to make form edits that could be achieved in a week rather than months. With Adobe Experience Manager Forms, AbbVie has managed the development of their forms through an agile and straightforward process, significantly improving internal efficiencies, saving valuable time and operational costs, and improving customer experience.

    In this session:

    • Hear how AbbVie is leveraging Experience Manager Forms to cultivate dynamic enrollment experiences for their end users in just a fraction of the time it used to take
    • Learn how you can, too

    Use the unique Experience League Community thread here to pose questions prior to, during, or after this session, and the speakers and Adobe team will answer!

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    The Changemakers Accelerating Transformation in Healthcare - S753(opens in a new window)

    As the digitization of healthcare continues, leading organizations have responded by leveraging their data to create meaningful 1:1 digital engagement that rivals the connection of traditional, in-person interaction. Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare makes it all possible. Adobe is changing the game with purpose-built technology to support secure use of ePHI throughout acquisition, care navigation, and wellness journeys. Hear from our panel how they're delivering on these end-to-end experiences by breaking down organizational silos to activate data at every step of the journey.

    Learn from leaders who are digitally transforming their organizations on:

    • Where to start within complex organizations
    • What they've learned, including tackling common challenges and gotchas
    • The impact that they're seeing from personalization at scale
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    From Healthcare to Health with Personalization at Scale - S923(opens in a new window)

    Today’s healthcare consumers demand experiences that are personalized specifically for them, yet most healthcare companies struggle to turn their extensive data resources into compelling digital experiences. The healthcare industry needs to address personalization of digital experiences, convenience, access, self-service opportunities, and price transparency. Legacy healthcare companies need to transform themselves into experience businesses while their window of opportunity remains open. Learn best practices for leveraging HIPAA-ready digital tools to engage with patients and personalize their individual wellness journeys.

    Learn how to:

    • Marry content and data to deliver personalized experiences at scale
    • Transform patient experiences to drive growth and engagement and build longer-lasting relationships
    • Enhance patient experiences with personalized content to drive higher engagement that contributes to improved outcomes
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  • Grow your B2B and B2C commerce through innovative, scalable digital sales and service experiences.

    Featured Speakers

    Karen Hopkins

    Global CMO,

    Sheryl Kingstone

    VP, Customer Experience & Commerce,
    451 Research

    Todd Shimizu

    VP, Global Digital Marketing & Media,

    Jill Steinhour

    Director, Industry Strategy Hi-Tech,

    Featured Sessions

    Accelerate Campaign Creation with Marketo Engage & Workfront - S213(opens in a new window)

    The need to develop and deliver campaigns faster is increasing at a pace that is only matched by the level of complexity to execute them flawlessly across channels. Leading marketing teams, including Commvault & Adobe, have optimized the campaign creation process to improve agility and deliver huge efficiency gains while increasing ROI, performance and employee satisfaction. Learn how Marketo Engage & Workfront together streamlined and automated the campaign creation and execution process at Commvault, producing impressive results: Reduced time needed to build a campaign by 78%; Scaled customer engagement to run 200+ programs/month with COE; Accurately measured attribution across touchpoints to optimize marketing spend.


    • How the most innovative marketing teams are rethinking the campaign execution process
    • A blueprint for mapping processes between Workfront & Marketo Engage
    • Real results from Commvault & Adobe case studies
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    Building a Content Supply Chain That Scales with DAM - S324(opens in a new window)

    As customer expectations change in a digital-first economy, leading content teams must adopt new organizing principles, content workflows, and emerging technologies to meet the demands. Content strategy, architecture, and automation are key elements to build a modern content supply chain that supports personalization across the customer journey.  

    In this session, we highlight: 

    • A crawl, walk, run approach for aligning content strategy with marketing technology architecture 
    • Best practices to alignment across all organizations, including content architecture, content marketing, user experience, IT, design, product, and branding 
    • Latest Adobe innovations with workflow management, digital asset management, creative tools, and AI-powered automation 

    Use the unique Experience League Community thread here to pose questions prior to, during, or after this session, and the speakers and Adobe team will answer!

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    CDP Selection: Capabilities to Look for and Building Buy-In - S404(opens in a new window)

    Learn how to select and be successful with a customer data platform. Find out why CDPs are essential to power great customer experiences, how to choose the right partner to future-proof data management, and what you can do now to prepare for organizational and personal success.

    In this session, we discuss:

    • The importance of building a first-party data strategy
    • Key CDP use cases and the top criteria and capabilities to look for when choosing a CDP
    • Best practices for successful implementation and cross-functional adoption of a CDP
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    Marketing Metrics of the Future with Qualcomm and 451 - S755(opens in a new window)

    With advances in data collection, assembly, management, and analytics, marketers can now access entirely new data sets that unlock new insights and ways to measure their business. Going beyond traditional B2B metrics, leaders are now adopting predictive and prescriptive metrics to power continuous marketing improvements and gain insights into future trends. This shift is allowing businesses to enhance the total experience for customers, employees, and partners. Join Adobe, 451 Research and Qualcomm highlighting new research that provides new insights into how leaders are pursuing marketing metrics in a data-driven world.
    By attending this session, you will learn:
    •    New valuable metrics being adopted by leaders
    •    The impact of using real-time data to improve the overall customer experience
    •    A digital maturity model for benchmarking the digitally-driven vs. digitally-delayed organizations

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  • Drive revenue and growth using next-generation content intelligence and real-time activation to provide highly personalized experiences.

    Featured Speakers

    Dinesh Chaurasia

    Sr. Director, Commerce Consulting,

    Andre Engberts

    VP of Technology,
    Publicis Sapient

    Lara Krug

    Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer,
    Kansas City Chiefs

    Christopher Meares

    Director of Data Integration,
    Paramount Global

    Rob Norris

    Sr. Director, Digitral Commerce and Billing,

    Diana Zaccardi

    SVP, Digital Marketing and Base Management,

    Featured Sessions

    Climbing the Streaming Mountain: Better Viewer Insights - S122(opens in a new window)

    Are you struggling to connect with your audience? Are you eager to gain a greater understanding of how viewers are interacting with your content? Learn from Adobe and the experts at Paramount as they walk you through the ins and outs of using Adobe Analytics for streaming media. Uncover insights into viewership behavior to provide the best viewing experience possible for your audience. 

    In this session: 

    •  A look at streaming data collection and a novel use of the Media Insertion API for easier updates 
    • Best practices for tracking the full customer journey across your site and streaming apps 
    • Tips, tricks, and pitfalls to avoid to ensure the best results from your streaming media analysis, including insight into time-shifted viewing 
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    Creating a Contextual Commerce Experience at T-Mobile - S507(opens in a new window)

    T-Mobile has achieved explosive growth by shaking up the wireless industry. Known as the Un-carrier, T-Mobile has an unwavering obsession with offering the best possible service experience. That commitment includes using the latest technology to modernize and contextualize their commerce journey across channels. Hear how they're creating the best possible self-service app and web experience using Adobe Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager.

    Join this session to learn about:

    • Choosing the right omnichannel e-commerce architecture
    • Creating contextualized customer experiences
    • Enabling effortless purchasing to deepen customer relationships
    • Managing complex implementations and system integrations
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    Identity Management and Database Growth Strategies for M&E - S752(opens in a new window)

    Connecting viewers, subscribers, and fans with the experiences they love most is mission critical for the Media and Entertainment industry. But to be successful in attracting and retaining customers requires a deep and actionable foundation of meaningful data to power personalization at scale. We'll focus on modern strategies for identity, data collection, and growth in ways that will delight your audiences and reduce churn.

    Key takeaways include:

    • The most successful ways both technology and marketing teams can tackle the cookieless future ahead
    • Best-in-class examples for building customer data capabilities and insights
    • Creating a vision for successfully delivering next-gen experiences across M&E
    View in session catalog(opens in a new window)
    How MLB Is Revolutionizing Fan Personalization at Scale - S810(opens in a new window)

    MLB and Adobe are on a mission to completely reimagine the fan experience. Join Kasia Danilczuk, MLB’s senior product manager for fan data, and Chris Stolz, principal enterprise architect for Adobe, to learn how MLB and Adobe partnered to implement Adobe Experience Platform applications across 30 ball clubs. Hear how the implementation reduced end-to-end segmentation from a 7-day technical process to a self-serve, marketer-friendly process that can be done in less than a day. We'll take you through MLB's 2022 digital and customer experience journey, culminating with leveraging Adobe technology to deliver in-park offers and experiences to their fans in real time. 

    Learn about:

    • Designing a unique implementation for 30 clubs and the league
    • Enabling and empowering 30 clubs to centralize segmentation and deliver omnichannel audiences at scale
    • Leveraging the real-time profile and ticket scans to deliver in-park experiences
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  • Tailor every shopping experience to an audience of one in real time using intelligent customer profiles.

    Featured Speakers

    Harish Ramani

    Chief Information Officer,
    Helen of Troy

    Shawn Wilkinson

    Program Manager, eCommerce Personalization,
    Dick's Sporting Goods

    Brett Wilps

    Sr. Manager - Athlete Experience,
    Dick's Sporting Goods

    Featured Sessions

    Helen of Troy's Direct-to-Consumer Digital Transformation - S516(opens in a new window)

    Embarking on a digital transformation for a single brand is a significant challenge. Imagine multiplying that effort across all the brands in a company's portfolio. Helen of Troy, parent company of such household brands as Hydro Flask, Oxo, and Osprey, is in the midst of a digital-first transformation across their portfolio. Get a firsthand look at how an iconic CPG like Helen of Troy has approached this complex, yet necessary, transition into direct-to-consumer sales.

    Learn how Helen of Troy is:

    • Crafting a multibrand commerce strategy and delivery roadmap
    • Moving toward a cloud-based and headless architecture as a foundation to scale
    • Standardizing the process for adding new brands and countries
    • Leveraging out-of-the-box Adobe Commerce capabilities to speed time to market
    View in session catalog(opens in a new window)
    Voice of the Athlete: Fueling Optimal Athlete Experiences - S740(opens in a new window)

    DICK’S Sporting Goods (DICK’S) considers their customer, “the athlete”, in everything they do and strives to provide optimal athlete experiences in all channels. Join this session to hear how DICK’S combines digital analytics from Adobe with solicited and unsolicited feedback from Medallia, digests it quickly, and democratizes the insights throughout the organization to drive action. Walk away with tips and tactics to:

    • Become a more customer centric organization
    • Prioritize strategic initiatives
    • Tip the scales in the face of uncertainty
    • Break down silos
    • Drive personalization with contextualization
    View in session catalog(opens in a new window)
    Elevating the Game to Improve RMN’s Digital Infrastructure - S750(opens in a new window)

    Retail media networks (RMN) have experienced an impressive rise to prominence in the past few years. In 2022, practically any business with a substantial customer base, transaction data, and owned inventory launched a media network. This rapid ascension and transformation for retailers requires a significant investment in new talent, technology, and partnerships to create businesses that operate as digital advertising platforms. However, advertisers are observing a lack of standardization as they invest in multiple RMNs. As such, RMN offerings still have work at hand to satisfy basic demands and requirements from advertisers who invest in these networks.

    In this session, hear RMN experts at Adobe, Merkle, and Publicis Sapient discuss:

    • Key capabilities that brands seek from RMNs
    • Adobe’s POV to implement key capabilities to monetize first-party audiences, streamline RMN operations, and close the loop with best-in-class measurement
    • What’s the next frontier of opportunities for RMNs to conquer
    View in session catalog(opens in a new window)
    Going for the Gold with Your Personalization Program - S817(opens in a new window)

    In today’s fast-paced retail landscape, customers expect their online shopping journey to be a home run every time. Creating personalized experiences that delight your customers will give you the extra point needed to beat the competition. Learn how Adobe Target, Real Time Customer Data Platform and Adobe Analytics make surfacing, segmenting, and targeting your customers easier than ever. Hear how DICK’S Sporting Goods is using these tools to create memorable moments for their Athletes online and help drive top-line sales.

    Learn about: 

    • The strategies for hitting it out of the park with Adobe Target 
    • Using Adobe Experience Cloud to turn ideas into action  
    • Helpful plays, real-life use cases, and ways to avoid the pitfalls  
    View in session catalog(opens in a new window)
  • Build customer loyalty through hyper-personalized experiences powered by intelligent segmentation and insights.

    Featured Speakers

    Michelle Cascone

    Director, Marketing Orchestration & Workflow Automation,
    Marriott International

    Kasia Danilczuk

    Sr. Product Manager, Fan Data,

    Julie Hoffmann

    Global Director Industry Strategy - Travel, Hospitality & Dining,

    Erin Vorhies

    VP of Digital Growth,
    Alterra Mountain Company

    Featured Sessions

    Come Fly with Me: How Travel Brands Soar with CJA - S120(opens in a new window)

    As we see a renaissance of travel, it's critical that brands become customer obsessed and focus on solutions that help earn and deepen relationships. Travel and hospitality brands need to break down silos and bring together data to be able to explore the entire customer journey quickly and easily. Come to hear how Adobe Customer Journey Analytics is helping one of the most prominent airlines in the world democratize their data across digital, marketing, and reservations. And leave feeling inspired to start exploring your own data in new ways.

    In this session: 

    • Discover how starting with WHY matters + technology with a human touch 

    • See us bring disparate data sets together for more holistic insights 

    • Learn how web to call journey intelligence identifies areas of friction for better business outcomes 

    View in session catalog(opens in a new window)
    Organizational Readiness to Implement a Customer Data Platform - S410(opens in a new window)

    What does the future of customer experience management look like? Today’s customer experience leaders have a shared central vision – to communicate to their audiences effectively and efficiently. But today’s marketing and IT teams often live in a siloed reality. These silos can make it challenging to execute holistic, audience-based programs and tactics. Learn how you can set up your technology investments and teams to beat the silos and create a collaborative center of excellence (COE) that drives success for your organization. Hear how Alterra Mountain Company has achieved organizational readiness for maximum results.

    Key takeaways:

    • Achieving buy-in across the organization
    • How to envision and prepare the marketing organization of the future for your company
    • Process models for driving organization effectiveness and COE operational structures that drive success
    View in session catalog(opens in a new window)
    Personalized Experiences and Loyalty in Travel & Dining - S751(opens in a new window)

    In an era where change is constant and your competition is a click away, gaining consumers’ loyalty is an ever-increasing challenge. The year of 2022 was marked with challenges in customer retention as demand grew while operations failed to scale back to pre-pandemic levels. These service failures paired with inflation led many customers to question their loyalty to brands. While programs play a role in driving and accelerating loyalty, businesses must more deeply understand and connect with their customers to offer products and services that fit their unique desires and needs. Learn how Marriott International is transforming operations as they efficiently scale up personalization to drive ancillary revenue.

    Join us as we present:

    • The future of loyalty in consumer industries
    • Why automation supports personalization maturity through micro-segmentation
    • How Marriott International is maturing its personalization practice to an enterprise-wide approach one product and one channel at a time
    View in session catalog(opens in a new window)

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