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Industry Sessions
  • Financial Services & Insurance

    In financial services, trusted relationships are what matter. With data and technology, we can exceed expectations, simplify lives and deepen customer relationships through the achievement of meaningful outcomes. Creating experiences that build trust requires technology-enabled capabilities across data and content. Learn firsthand how banks, insurance companies and wealth management firms are using Adobe Experience Cloud to build, manage, and deliver an experience that delights customers and drives impact across channels and devices.


    • Super Session: The Journey to Digital Transformation in Financial Services

      At the heart of digital transformation is the consumer, and the focal point of meeting the evolving needs and demands of the consumer is experience. The aspiration of every financial services institution is to demonstrate how well it understands the needs of its customers through highly relevant and engaging digital experiences. But to do so, the organization must not only connect various internal systems and a range of diverse channels, but connect emotionally with customers. This is a daunting challenge for large, complex organizations that are highly regulated and offer a wide range of products, services, and channels. This session takes a broad look at transformation initiatives that involve people, processes, as well as technology.

      Join us as we present: 

      • The latest trends from the 2019 Adobe financial services digital marketing survey
      • Perspectives from leading financial institutions, including AIG and USAA, on their experiences, challenges, and successes in digital
      • The role of Adobe Experience Cloud in advancing digital initiatives and accelerating experience lead transformation

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    • CIBC’s Digital Experience: Data-driven Personalization at Scale

      Customers expect personalized, relevant experiences that reflect who they are and what they want, but translating personalization from strategy to reality is no simple feat. Orchestration through design, delivery, and measurement of personalized experiences at scale demands a holistic approach that goes beyond just having the right technology. Learn how CIBC, a leading Canadian bank, has optimized its personalization approach through the full Adobe Experience Cloud paired with machine learning to predict and optimize value for its clients.

      By attending this session, your information will be shared with Deloitte Digital.

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    • Top Tips on Personalization with Adobe Target Recommendations & Automation

      Consumers are inundated with tailored options to react to at nearly every touchpoint—a suggested movie to watch or article to read, a complimentary offer, or an alternative hotel to reserve. All these suggestions can become overwhelming and hinder the consumer response you desire. As a business, sometimes you need to think outside the box to have your personalization tactics cut through the noise and convert.

      In this session:

      • Hear from Adobe Target experts as they showcase tips, tricks, and hacks that can help you become a personalization guru
      • Learn how to use some of the lesser known features of Adobe Target Recommendations to succeed at a wide variety of custom use cases
      • Learn how to setup AutoTarget and Automated Personalization machine-learning activities for successful personalization execution and refinement

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    • Unlocking B2B Account-Based Personalization: How Adobe + Dun&Bradstreet Teams Do It

      Personalization is the holy grail for marketers today – it drives engagement, accelerates account-based strategies and, most importantly, delivers results. But it remains an elusive pursuit for most B2B organizations who struggle with the foundational account identification necessary to create personalized experiences. Hear the unique approaches that Adobe and Dun Bradstreet took to tackle this challenge using robust firmographics and intent data, behavioral analytics, and the right technology to deliver exceptional personalized experiences for our business customers. With these approaches, you too can deliver exceptional B2B experiences.

      Learn how to:

      • Unlock personalized experiences using behavioral data, predictive analytics, and the right technology
      • Gain better understanding of early intent of web visitors and how to alert sales teams
      • Profile your web visitors, deliver real-time personalization to enhance website engagement, and turn unknown visitors into leads

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  • Government

    Some of you are in the midst of modernizing government, others are gathering resources to dive into digital transformation, and many more know that your digital experiences can be built better – but don’t know where to begin the journey. Whatever stage you’re in, there is tremendous opportunity in gathering insight into how others are tackling the same types of challenges that you are facing. Adobe Summit offers the opportunity to learn about the Adobe Experience Cloud and best practices in topics ranging from going paperless to personalizing citizen experiences.


    • Super Session: Reimagine Government: Integrated Digital Experiences That Put People First

      Government is changing. More and more leaders see customer experience (CX) as their north star. Whether it’s modernizing citizen-facing websites and digital services, integrating complex outreach campaigns across multiple systems of record, or increasing efficiency for the IT and digital teams who manage and author content at scale, these leaders are prioritizing experience design that puts people first. They share a vision of a modernized, customer-centric government creating the efficient, integrated digital experiences that everyone expects today.

      Join leaders across federal and state governments and Adobe’s Public Sector practice as we discuss:

      • What the modern customer experience means for government, and the opportunity to turn public services into simpler, seamless experiences
      • Stories from state and federal agency leaders who have successfully improved digital processes and experiences by establishing solid digital foundations
      • Why the 21st Century IDEA Act is a game changer for government’s experience leaders
      • Best practices for citizen and community engagement across digital platforms

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    • Building Your Digital Foundation with Adobe Experience Manager Sites

      Great experiences start with great content, but they don't end there. You need an efficient way to create, manage, and deliver that content to all your relevant channels. You need rich and granular insights about your customer and all their interactions. And to truly deliver the right experience at the right time, you need an integrated set of systems and processes that work seamlessly together. Hear how Experience Manager Sites can help you build the digital foundation needed to deliver superior customer experiences.  

      In this session, learn about:

      • The benefits and importance of delivering contextually relevant experiences
      • How to best use insights and data to optimize the creation and delivery of content
      • Tips and tricks for increasing web traffic and revenue after building an integrated digital foundation

      This session is for practitioners across all industries.

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    • Make Digital Enrollment the Best Part of Your Customer Experience

      Why can’t filing a claim feel as intuitive as shopping online? Marketers strive to craft a seamless web experience for customers, but many organizations still face high abandonment rates on digital channels. Online enrollment forms and processes are often manual, generic, and abandoned. They are expensive to manage, difficult to scale across products and channels, and even more difficult to measure and personalize. Now you can make digital enrollment part of a great customer experience. Learn how Adobe customers have reduced abandonment by 20% and gained $1.73 million more revenue per year just by delivering a streamlined enrollment experience.

      In this session, learn how to:

      • Centralize enrollment forms to scale reusable content across products and channels
      • Measure and personalize customer-facing experiences to reduce abandonment on digital channels
      • Leverage best practices to quickly achieve significant ROI through Adobe Experience Manager

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  • Healthcare

    The healthcare industry is in the midst of extraordinary disruption to the marketplace, and you can reap all the benefits of being a fast-follower in customer engagement by leveraging best practices, Adobe’s community of partners, and our proven tools and techniques that have succeeded in retail, financial services, and other industries.  Learn how to engage your customers where and when they want to be engaged, and how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. Provide the experiences your customers expect while you save time and money, and operate within guidelines.


    • Super Session: The Consumerization of Healthcare

      The healthcare industry has undergone paradigm-shifting changes over the past few years, and one of the most critical disruptions is the rise of the educated and demanding consumer. Today, the healthcare consumer demands digital experiences that mirror those in other industries, like retail, banking, and travel. And the cornerstone of building consumer experiences is personalization. Personalization in a highly regulated industry is challenging on many fronts. Healthcare companies must connect various internal systems and diverse online and offline channels while also connecting emotionally with customers. This session takes a broad look at personalization initiatives within healthcare that are changing the way companies connect with patients, members, and customers.

      Join us as we present:

      • The latest trends from the 2019 Adobe Health Life Sciences Consumer Survey
      • Perspectives and insights from leading healthcare companies on their experiences, challenges, and successes in personalization
      • The role of Adobe Experience Cloud in advancing digital initiatives and accelerating the consumerization of healthcare

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    • Digital Rx: Engaging Patients and HCPs through Personalized Omnichannel Experiences

      Increasing expectations of healthcare consumers and providers in the digital age has empowered customers to demand more. Life Sciences companies should consider adapting to this new reality in order to deliver sophisticated, engaging and personalized experiences across the channels.

      Novo Nordisk an innovative global healthcare company, leveraged Deloitte's industry leading Customer Data solution integrated with Adobe’s Campaign Management platform to create a single view of Patients and HCPs to drive digital omnichannel campaigns. Today, Novo Nordisk is better positioned to leverage the power of the Adobe Experience Cloud to:

      • Bring digital campaigns to market faster
      • Improve digital experience through personalized, targeted communications
      • Create a single customer view to improve data quality and drive enhanced insights
      • Improve coordination between Sales and Marketing Channels
      • Enable Data and brand compliance across channels

      By attending this session, your information will be shared with Deloitte Digital.

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    • Digital Transformation in Life Sciences: A MarTech Perspective

      What does it take to not only just talk digital transformation but execute on it successfully and then live to talk about it! AbbVie Inc. has undergone a significant transformation across the board since it spun off from Abbott in 2013, becoming a top-5 global pharmaceutical company in 2018. AbbVie’s U.S. commercial business established a Marketing Technology Center of Excellence that has played a crucial role in launching global brands and customer experiences. With over 16 customer experiences launched in 2018, the MarTech COE has been the cornerstone of AbbVie’s U.S. commercial digital transformation. Join us to learn how marketing technology leaders have embarked on the digital transformation journey at AbbVie, and how the MarTech COE team has played a critical role in building an exceptional digital experience for their customers leveraging the Adobe Experience Platform.

      Topics and takeaways:

      • Digital transformation in life sciences, specifically pharma
      • The value of building a MarTech COE
      • The value of partnership between marketing and technology

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    • Drive Retention through Post-Acquisition Customer Communications

      Most marketers rightly focus on pre-acquisition marketing campaigns, but often are not responsible for post-acquisition customer communications, creating a disjointed off-brand experience during the customer lifecycle. Newly acquired customers appreciate the engaging, personalized experience at acquisition, but are disappointed when this relationship changes post-acquisition, leading to attrition and churn. Treating customer communications as mission-critical touchpoints of the customer journey helps drive engagement, retention, and lifetime value.

      Join this session to learn how to:

      • Understand the future of customer communications from organizational and technology perspectives
      • Break down data and content silos between IT and marketing
      • Personalize engaging content and offers in multichannel communications to target specific audiences
      • Build a communications roadmap that aligns with your organization’s digital maturity

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    • Green Hawaii: Digital Innovation in State Government

      Perhaps there is no state in the union as unique as Hawaii. But that uniqueness brings its own challenges. Governor Ige and former CIO Todd Nacapuy recognized this and transformed the way the state got business done. Along the way, Hawaii became a model for green and efficient government processes while saving an estimated $5 million in just two years. 

      Learn about:

      • The unique challenges facing state governments' efforts to digitize
      • The dramatic difference a tops-down approach can make to driving change
      • The enormous ROI that can be realized with digital workflows

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    • Privacy and Data Governance in Adobe Experience Platform

      The advent of new privacy regulations worldwide is accelerating the need for brands to acquire scalable privacy-proof solutions. Learn how to leverage Adobe Experience Platform to govern your data and deliver great experiences with Adobe Experience Cloud products, all while respecting users’ privacy. You’ll also hear from our CPO about the state of privacy in our Experience Cloud and from one of our customers about their journey with using Adobe’s privacy tools.

      This session covers: 

      • The new Adobe Experience Platform Privacy Service, including:
        • An opt-in object to determine which cookies to fire after consumer consent.
        • Current state of our GDPR Service
      • The new Adobe Experience Platform Data Governance Service, including:
        • Using metadata to label your data
        • Creation of data usage policies
        • Enforcement of policies

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  • High Tech & B2B

    Keeping up with dynamic market requirements to innovate quickly while delivering to heightened customer expectations can feel nearly impossible. Marketing organizations within tech companies are required to contribute to sales goals, reduce the cost-to-serve, and support innovation. Today, a great product isn’t enough. It’s time to differentiate through experiences that provide real value to your customers and partners. Join us for first-hand insight into how High Tech and B2B companies are streamlining processes and finding ways to delight customers in unexpected ways.


    • Super Session: Digital Transformation Advances in the High Tech Industry

      High Tech organizations made early investments in technology and data to improve insights and customer experiences.  Since then, High Tech firms continue to advance their B2B and B2C digital marketing practices and are finding new ways to expand and capitalize on their Martech Adtech investments.  

      Join us to hear how digital marketing leaders are transforming customer experiences and delivering bottom line results.   In this session we will present:

      • Latest trends from Adobe High Tech and B2B research
      • The role of Adobe Experience Cloud in accelerating your company’s transformation objectives
      • Practical steps to transforming marketing practices
      • Fundamentals for identifying, targeting and engaging high-value prospects.

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    • DMP 101: I’m Still New. Don’t Hate, Educate.

      Where did data management platforms (DMPs) even come from and what’s so special about them? How do I get started with a DMP? Get answers to these questions and more. We’ll start with a brief history of the DMP and how it arose out of advertisers and publishers’ specific needs. Learn how the media DMP evolved into the enterprise DMP, and why Adobe Audience Manager is the first and most extensive experience DMP available on the market. Discover how Audience Manager can fit into your marketing stack and how to use it at every stage of your marketing funnel. We’ll talk about high-value functions that you can deploy quickly as you get started, with a detour into a few key technical concepts. And you’ll leave with ways to start a process of continuous improvement using Audience Manager.

      Key takeaways:

      • Understand what a DMP is and what it can do
      • See how a DMP can augment your existing marketing stack
      • Learn to drive value for your organization using a DMP
      • Be prepared for DMP 201

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    • Going Global with Adobe Experience Manager

      Delivering great digital experiences to customers regardless of their location, language, or culture is crucial for a global business. Global site structure, content translation, cross-organizational governance are just some of many important aspects to consider when it comes to a successful global experience strategy. Discover how and Informatica have become ready for the world by leveraging best practices for global experience management and the latest Adobe Experience Manager capabilities.

      In this session, learn about:

      • Using Experience Manager to deliver multilingual digital experiences on a global scale
      • Best practices for global experience management

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    • How Dell builds its Experimentation Culture like a Product

      How do you keep a 53-person team running smoothly when that team is staffed with marketers, developers, analysts, program managers, and quality assurance engineers, and they’re all tasked with experience optimization? Oh, and that experience optimization team makes up a global program that spans multiple properties with disparate goals. If you’re Dell, you treat personalization and testing like any other big team doing big things—as a product organization. 

      In this session, learn how Dell:

      • Grew its optimization program to over 50 people worldwide
      • Made experimentation an integral part of the software development process
      • Treats experience optimization like a product itself

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    • How Palo Alto Networks Made Documentation Integral to the Customer Journey

      Improving the reach, velocity, and experience of your customer-facing content is critical in this digital age. But most organizations end up focusing more on marketing content, while post-sale technical documentation is often ignored, usually because these departments exist in silos and operate without a unified content strategy. In this session, Palo Alto Networks share how their company made technical documentation a central focus of the customer journey on the web by moving to structured content management and using XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager.

      Hear how Palo Alto Networks achieved customer delight by:

      • Improving the customer journey by offering a consistent content experience at every touchpoint, pre- and post-sale
      • Adopting a single web platform for both marketing and technical content
      • Tripling the speed for published output
      • Serving 250% more customers through efficient content reuse

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  • Media & Entertainment

    Today, Media & Entertainment companies are taking control with Direct to Consumer products focused on differentiated offerings for both the consumer and advertiser that both please the consumer and build a solid financial future for the company.  Whether it’s traditional TV programming, sports, music, news or even wireless and cable service, the shift is measurable and the competition fierce to own both the means of access to content and the content itself. You’ll hear how top brands are creating experiences that keep customers engaged and subscribed, how the shift to direct is impacting advertising, and how intelligent use of consumer data is at the core.


    • Super Session: What’s Old Is New: The Rise of Direct-to-Consumer Models in M&E

      Direct-to-consumer business models are popping up everywhere, but they’re not new to Media Entertainment. Companies like Netflix and Amazon have changed the face of TV and forced content owners to rethink their products and relationships with consumers. But publishers, wireless, and cable companies have been D2C since the start and know a thing or two about data-driving experiences. As more companies focus on owning consumer relationships, the need for intelligent and actionable data has never been more important. Content owners must balance subscriber and ad revenues streams while MVPDs and telcos need to accelerate their use of data to drive more engaging experiences that build long-term relationships. At stake, remaining relevant and valuable to consumers in an increasingly crowded space. 

      Learn about:

      • The state, trends, and challenges for M in the D2C space
      • Building intelligence with audience data to drive outcomes
      • The art and science of crafting engaging experiences powered by data
      • Organizational models that empower a focus on consumers while driving improved profitability

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    • Award Winning Journey to a Personalized Digital Customer Touch Point

      Refinitiv and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) share their experience in modeling a customer self-service intelligent touch point that is built on Adobe Experience Cloud leveraging location independent agile. This digital platform is a single front door to Refinitiv’s products and services and provides a personalized experience to customers. The portal enables customers to quickly find out about Refinitiv’s offerings, demos, free trials, training and service requests. More customers are accessing the digital platform via mobile devices, allowing them to be faster. This is creating a new level of engagement, trust and delight with Refinitiv's customers.

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    • DMPs of the New Age: Real-Time Data Activation in Market

      With the average number of devices per person on the rise, and the mainstream adoption of Connected TV, collecting and reaching all channels is not an option but a necessity. At the same time, mandates to increase page load speed and increased restrictions on third-party data collection make the challenge ever more immense. Discover how you can collect and activate multichannel data in real time with the Audience Manager Profile Merge rule and APIs.

      Key takeaways:

      • Best practices for ingesting multiplatform data and identity management
      • The value realized from ingesting data via APIs
      • Overview of connected TV data capabilities
      • How to build a scaleable, multichannel (web, CTV, mobile) trait and segment taxonomy to grow with your business

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    • Sacramento Kings: Accelerating the Design to Fan Experience Process

      Working in professional sports requires a fast-paced environment to ensure that the fan experience is always relevant and timely. Find out how the Sacramento Kings marketing and creative teams use Adobe tools to collect feedback faster, reduce miscommunication, get approvals and go live to deliver the best fan experience possible.

      Learn How:

      • To build rapid workflows around Adobe Creative Cloud libraries and Adobe Document Cloud

      • To use Review to centralize content feedback and go live faster

      • To collaborate securely from anywhere to accelerate the review process

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    • Telus’ Journey Transforming Customer Data into High-Value Audiences

      From concept to execution, Telus Digital’s core team achieved success in powering their real-time personalization strategy. Centralizing and activating their audience data through Audience Manager, Adobe’s data management platform (DMP), was a key element. Learn how this hybrid team of technical marketers spearheaded an effort to create an advanced data-flow journey from Audience Manager to their data lake, built predictive models, and ingested the data back again into the DMP for advanced customer scoring. By unifying customer data across their Adobe stack and activating audiences site side with Adobe Target, Telus is able to breakdown silos among business units to deliver on strategic business initiatives focused on personalization through their online and offline channels.

      In this session, we'll review:

      • Telus’ personalization/acquisition use cases leveraging AAM audiences
      • Audience sharing cross-solution architecture review
      • Evaluate readiness for futuristic Telco use cases for leveraging audiences
      • Available data integration options in AAM and best practices

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  • Retail & Ecommerce

    Empowered shoppers are seamlessly transitioning between online and offline journeys. They expect merchants to keep up by offering fluid experiences, regardless of the channel. Customers may be temporarily wooed by hot deals and discounts, but loyalty is won by anticipating the needs of shoppers, finding ways to serve them faster, and creating authentic connections. These sessions will deliver insights and best practices from some of the world’s leading retailers who are transforming their organizations to streamline operations while delivering great experiences.


    • Super Session: The Digital Transformation Journey Between Consumer Brands and Retailers

      The relationship between retailers and manufacturers was a traditional buyer-seller arrangement. The Internet changed all that. In the new world of omnichannel commerce, retailer private-label programs are exploding while traditional consumer-goods multinational brands are developing a closer relationship with their consumers, online and offline. Today the relationship between retailers and vendors is more complex. Learn how this commercial dynamic has evolved, and how both retailers and their suppliers are transforming their organizations to meet new consumer expectations head on. Hear from leading CPG and retail brands on how they are preparing their organizations for this new world of consumer goods through people, processes, and technology.

      Join us as we present: 

      • The latest trends from Adobe Retail and Consumer digital marketing surveys
      • Perspectives from leading commerce brands, Reynolds America, Whirlpool, and Loblaw, on injecting digital into culture, operations, and innovation
      • The role of Adobe Experience Cloud in advancing digital initiatives and accelerating transformation

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    • Albertsons' Digital Transformation and the Customer Experience

      When Albertsons, the second-largest supermarket retailer in the country, embarked on a digital transformation, their hard work increased e-commerce sales by 113% from last year. Hear from the Albertsons team how they accomplished this by implementing the Adobe stack – Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, and dynamic tag management. They'll describe the ups and downs of their digital grocery evolution and share learnings along the way in terms of processes, people, and tools. Learn about their goals of reshaping the company's culture to improve digital touchpoints and customer experiences.

      Find out how Albertsons digitally transformed and evolved it shopping and grocery delivery by:   

      • Advantageously aligning teams during digital transformation
      • Being both customer- and data-centric when re-platforming and optimizing features
      • Deploying and leveraging the Adobe stack to make impactful and personalized experiences for its customers

      This session is for a general audience, regardless of industry focus.

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    • Commerce Obsessed: How to Map a Real Customer Journey

      Consumer time is one of the most undervalued assets in commerce. In fact, attention spans are getting shorter, all while the number of brands fighting for your attention is increasing. Make it easy, make it fun, make it an experience, make it transparent— simple but critical elements of the commerce customer journey that you need to execute flawlessly.

      In this session:

      • Learn key trends that are reshaping the customer journey
      • See real-life examples of customer journey experiences
      • Explore 85+ moment of truths in an example journey by phase
      • This session is recommended for B2C- and B2B-focused digital markers who focus on end customer experiences or touchpoints.

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    • How Kohl’s Architected Its Personalization Program for Scale and Success

      Adobe Target can unlock countless opportunities to shape and improve the digital experiences that you deliver to your customers. But technology only takes you so far. To make the most of these opportunities, you need to add the right team, mindset, governance, and approach. Kohl’s knows this well, having completed its journey of building a high-performing testing and personalization program across a matrixed organization. Learn the valuable insights that Kohl’s discovered as it evolved and expanded its program from the ground up, including how to handle those challenging moments that programs inevitably encounter along the way.

      Discover how to:

      • Structure and scale a testing and personalization program built for success
      • Cultivate and nurture an iterative optimization culture
      • Ideate high-impact experiences, and accelerate action on them through an integrated technology stack and processes

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    • The Convergence of B2B and B2C Buying Journeys

      As the walls between our personal and professional lives continue to crumble, many of the characteristics that traditionally separated B2C consumers from B2B buyers are now migrating across those artificial borders in both directions. Today’s B2C and B2B purchase journeys share more similarities than differences. Both are data-driven, self-directed, and set a high bar for emotional and contextual engagement. To meet customers’ changing needs and expectations, B2C and B2C marketers need to learn from each other’s experiences and adapt with a new set of strategies, tactics, and enabling technologies.

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    • Whirlpool's Customer Journey Transformed with Digital In-Store Experiences

      To succeed in retail, brands must deliver the same level of consistent and rich digital experiences in store as online. As a digital innovator, Whirlpool is using technology to blend the physical with digital to differentiate the in-store customer experience when buying appliances. Hear about implementing Adobe Experience Manager for omnichannel use across digital signage and kiosks as well as the web.

      In this session, learn about:  

      • Organizing and designing for omnichannel content velocity and geo-localized campaigns  
      • Delivering rich interactive, touch-enabled in-store experiences using single-page apps  
      • Unifying content and product information across web, mobile, and digital signage  
      • Using analytics as a feedback loop for in-store experience optimization

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  • Travel & Hospitality

    Travel & hospitality growth is exploding globally. However, this healthy industry growth has been met with fierce competition to capture the hearts and wallets of travelers who expect personalized communication and high quality consistent experiences. The next generation of travelers expect both flawless execution in minimizing their burdens while maximizing discovery throughout their journey. Hear how top travel brands are driving profitability and guest satisfaction by hyper-focusing on the customer and delivering timeless experiences.


    • Super Session: Personalization, Data and the Experience Business of Travel

      Consumer expectations are rising, and the next generation of travelers have accepted that effective technology, IoT, and cognitive services are working in the background to improve their experiences. Travel brands are solving business challenges while continuing to evolve the customer experience on site, off site, and in trip. The best is becoming an “experience business.” They operate as data-driven organizations and have captured the value of personalization at scale by using AI/ML. Learn what 25% of travel brands have changed to double their revenue. Plus, an exciting Travel Hospitality sneak of our new Hotel Customer Journey and how data is evangelized to personalize at scale.

      This session takes a broad look at transformation and the change agents leading their organizations.

      • Julie Hoffmann, Global Head of Industry Strategy Marketing, Adobe
      • Jeff DeKorte, VP, eCommerce Digital Marketing, Caesars Entertainment
      • Jarvis Bowers, VP, Holland America
      • Aaron Johnson, Principal Solution Consultant, Adobe

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    • Revolutionizing the Aero Parts Industry with Adobe Commerce and Blockchain

      In a world fueled by e-commerce, less than 2% of all used aerospace parts transactions are conducted online. Honeywell is revolutionizing the aerospace parts industry with GoDirect Trade, the industry’s first true B2B e-commerce marketplace, built using Magento, in partnership with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). GoDirect Trade enables customized seller storefronts and uses blockchain technology to manufacture trust between the buyer and seller. It is modernizing the way buyers and sellers connect, view and purchase aerospace parts. Join this session to discover how Honeywell is propelling disruptive innovation by enabling the seamless purchase of aerospace parts, improving fulfillment times and providing the aviation industry with a trusted experience. By attending this session, your information will be shared with Tata Consultancy Services.

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    • Take a Hike: How Virgin Holidays Ditched the Status Quo & Changed Vacation

      That moment when you realize that the current state of your customer communications needs to be overhauled ... How do you fix it? Where do you start? Hear from Chris Insall, manager of customer communications at Virgin Holidays, how the company achieved digital transformation with Adobe Campaign.

      Learn how he and the team at Virgin Holidays:

      • Reimagined their customer communications strategy with Adobe Campaign while also replacing three different technology tools
      • Deliver personalized multi-channel communications at scale through email, direct mail, SMS, and outbound calls
      • Increase engagement and conversions and customer loyalty with their campaigns

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