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We’ve got answers to all things Adobe Summit 2024.

Note: Summit Online is taking place online from March 26–27. For any questions related to the online event, please refer to the dedicated FAQ page.(opens in a new window)

  • What is the Adobe Summit agenda?

    The in-person agenda covers three days of scheduled Summit events, which includes keynotes, Sneaks, Strategy Keynotes, plus more than 200 sessions and hands-on labs. It also includes evening networking activities, including the Welcome Reception, Community Mixer, and Summit Bash. In addition, the Community Pavilion offers access to Adobe product experts and sponsors, and features the latest products and services for Experience Makers.

    • Preconference (only available in-person): Monday, March 25
    • In-person conference: Tuesday, March 26 through Thursday, March 28

    The online agenda includes two days (Tuesday and Wednesday, March 26–27) of live keynotes, Sneaks, Strategy Keynotes, and select online sessions with live chat.

    What is included in my full conference in-person registration pass?

    • Keynotes (Tuesday and Wednesday, March 26 – 27)
    • Summit Sneaks (Wednesday, March 27)
    • Strategy Keynotes (Tuesday and Wednesday, March 26 – 27)
    • All sessions and labs (Tuesday through Thursday, March 26 – 28)
    • Access to the Community Pavilion, Welcome Reception, Community Mixer, and Summit Bash
    • Light meals provided for all attendees for breakfast and lunch during the main conference days (Tuesday, March 26 through Thursday, March 28). Evening hors d'oeuvres options will be offered at the Welcome Reception on Tuesday and at Summit Bash on Wednesday.
    • Does not include access to preconference training, which can be purchased separately.

    What is the difference between the various session types offered?

    • Keynotes: A look at the latest industry trends and newest tools for creatives. Available in person and online.
    • Sneaks: A sneak peek at the latest innovations being explored in Adobe Labs. Available in person and online.
    • Strategy Keynotes: 60-minute deep dives into what’s ahead with Adobe leaders and customer speakers. Available in person and online.
    • In-person Sessions: 60-minute presentations including Q&A. Select sessions will be available on demand after the event.
    • In-person Labs: 90-minute hands-on training on Summit-provided PC or Mac equipment, preloaded with all the necessary software and files you need. Labs will not be available on demand.
    • Online Sessions: 30-minute presentation with live chat available during premiere only. Sessions will be available on demand immediately after.

    Do you have sponsorship opportunities?

    Yes, there are unique sponsorship options available for both online and in-person events. Complete the form on the Become a sponsor page and a sponsorship sales rep will reach out to you.

In-person Summit

  • What is Adobe Summit?

    Summit 2024 will be held March 26–28, 2024 as an in-person and online event with innovative keynotes, 200+ sessions, hand-on labs, preconference training, and networking activities. It’s a unique opportunity to learn, get inspired, connect with peers and experts from around the world, and explore the future of experience-led growth. Preconference courses provide in-depth training and will be held March 25, in person only.

    When and where is this year’s Adobe Summit?

    The in-person event is held in Las Vegas at The Venetian Convention and Expo Center.

    • March 25, Preconference
    • March 26–28, Conference

    Is there a conference mobile app?

    There is an Adobe Summit mobile app available to in-person Summit attendees. Visit your attendee dashboard(opens in a new window) to learn more.

    How can I connect with other attendees during the event?

    • Meet other attendees in your sessions.
    • Download the Summit mobile app to connect with other in-person attendees.
    • Explore the Community Park to make new connections.
    • Spend time in the Meeting Zone, a dedicated area for attendee meetings.
    • Take advantage of built-in networking opportunities, including Summit Bash, receptions, and meals.
  • What is the agenda for Adobe Summit?

    The in-person agenda includes three days of keynotes, Sneaks, and more than 200 sessions and hands-on labs. It also includes evening networking activities, including the Welcome Reception and Summit Bash. In addition, the Community Pavilion offers access to Adobe product experts and sponsors with the latest products and services for Experience Makers. Check out the in-person agenda page for more information.

    • Preconference (only available in person): Monday, March 25
    • In-person conference: Tuesday, March 26 through Thursday, March 28

    Is the Adobe Summit schedule final?

    Our session schedule may change all the way up to the conference. We finalize the session schedule a couple weeks before the conference. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can necessitate a time change or cancellation.

  • What are this year’s session tracks?

    • Analytics
    • B2B Marketing
    • Commerce
    • Content Management
    • Content Supply Chain
    • Customer Data Management and Acquisition
    • Customer Journey Management
    • Developers
    • Generative AI
    • Personalized Insights and Engagement
    • Planning and Workflow
    • Trends and Inspiration

    View track descriptions here.

    Where can I find the Adobe Summit speakers?

    Visit the Speakers page to learn more about our 2024 in-person and online speakers. You will be able to filter by speaker type, track, product, and area of expertise.

    Do sessions require any background or previous experience?

    Sessions range from beginner to advanced. We recommend attendees have a solid knowledge and proficiency of Adobe Experience Cloud tools and services.

    To help select sessions that are appropriate for your skill level, Summit technical levels are defined as follows:

    • Beginner: This product or topic is either new to you or you’d like to brush up and focus on basic and essential skills, techniques, and industry standards.
    • Intermediate: Take your skills to the next level with content geared to refining and expanding your mastery of the featured product.
    • Expert. These sessions will provide the latest and most advanced techniques to enhance your workflow.

    I’m interested in being a session speaker. Who do I contact?

    To apply for Summit 2025, please reach out to event support to be added to our interested speakers list. We'll contact you when the speaker application form opens late September 2024.

  • What is included in my full conference registration?

    • Keynotes (Tuesday, March 26–Wednesday, March 27)
    • Sneaks (Wednesday, March 27)
    • Strategy Keynotes (Tuesday, March 26–Wednesday, March 27)
    • 200+ sessions and hands-on labs (Tuesday, March 26–Thursday, March 28)
    • Welcome Reception (Tuesday, March 26)
    • Community Mixer sponsored by Atlassian (Wednesday, March 27)
    • Summit Bash (Wednesday, March 27)
    • Community Pavilion (Tuesday, March 26–Thursday, March 28)
    • Light meals for breakfast and lunch (Tuesday, March 26–Thursday, March 28)
    • Hors d'oeuvres and refreshments at Welcome Reception and Summit Bash (Tuesday, March 26–Wednesday, March 27)

    Registration does not include preconference trainings and credential exams. These can be purchased separately.

    Are meals included with my full conference pass?

    Yes, light breakfast and lunch are provided for all attendees during the main conference days (Tuesday, March 26 through Thursday, March 28). Explore meal options with this menu.(opens in a new window) Hors d’oeuvres options will be offered at the Welcome Reception on Tuesday evening and Summit Bash on Wednesday evening. Options suited to different dietary requirements will be offered. However, if you have an extreme allergy or dietary restriction, you are encouraged to arrange meals as necessary.

    How do I access my account?

    Log in to your Attendee Dashboard(opens in a new window) to access your account.

    What is the substitution policy?

    • Attendee substitution requests should be sent to event support. To ensure a smooth transfer, please make sure the original attendee and replacement are copied on the request.

    Please follow this procedure:

    • The replacement attendee will need to register for an account using the Summit registration process, but they should stop at the orders page.
    • Once an account has been set up for the replacement attendee, email your substitution requests to event support. Please include the full names and registered emails of both the original participant and the replacement participant.
    • Event support will transfer the registration and send a confirmation to the new participant.
    • Cancellation of travel is the exclusive responsibility of the participant.
    • Transfer or cancellation of the hotel, after March 1, must be made directly with the hotel.

    What is the cancellation policy?

    Cancellation requests for registration fee refunds must be submitted in writing to event support and according to the following schedule:

    • Before February 12, 2024: 50% refund
    • February 13, 2024 or later: No refund (No-shows are ineligible for registration fee refunds)

    When and where can I pick up my badge?

    You can pick up your badge at Registration, located in The Venetian Convention and Expo Center during event days. You will be required to show a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. Summit passes cannot be picked up by anyone other than the attendee. Summit badges must be worn to participate in any Summit-related event.

    What are the onsite registration hours?

    Check in anytime during these hours and beat the rush on Tuesday morning. Hours are subject to change.

    • Sunday, March 24: 3:00pm–7:00pm
    • Monday, March 25: 7:00am–8:30pm
    • Tuesday, March 26: 6:30am–7:00pm
    • Wednesday, March 27: 7:00am–7:00pm
    • Thursday, March 28: 8:00am–3:00pm

    What if I lose my badge?

    All lost badges are subject to a $250 replacement fee.

  • What are the differences between the various session types offered?

    • Keynotes: A look at the latest industry trends and newest tools for Experience Makers, featuring Adobe leaders, industry experts, and inspiring innovators. Available in person and online.
    • Sneaks: A sneak peek at the latest innovations we’re exploring in Adobe Labs. Available in person and online.
    • Strategy keynotes: Take a deep dive into the future of digital experience with Adobe leaders and customers. Available in person and online.
    • In-person sessions: 60-minute presentations recorded during the live event that will be available for on-demand viewing after the event concludes.
    • Hands-on labs: Hands-on training on Summit-provided PC or Mac equipment, preloaded with all the necessary software and files you need. 90 minutes.
    • Online sessions: 30-minute presentations. Sessions will be available on demand immediately after they premiere.

    Do I need to schedule in-person sessions and labs in advance?

    Yes, to secure a seat in any session, you must add it to your personal Summit schedule. Sessions and labs will sell out, so make sure to schedule as soon as possible.

    Will on-demand content be available?

    The majority of online sessions will be available on demand after they premiere. Select in-person sessions will be available on demand in April. On-demand content will be available at no cost for all registered attendees to watch over the coming year. Note: labs will not be available on demand.

    How do I find my individual session schedule?

    There are two ways to access your Summit schedule:

    1. Click or tap the ‘Register/Sign in’ link in the top right-hand corner. Once signed in, click or tap the circle avatar in the top right-hand corner. From there, select My schedule.
    2. After signing in, click or tap the Agenda tab in the main navigation. Then select My schedule.

    How do I schedule sessions and build my Adobe Summit schedule?

    1. You must be registered to schedule sessions and start building out your schedule. Click or tap the ‘Register/Sign in' link in the right-hand corner. Once signed in, click or tap the circle avatar in the top right-hand corner.
    2. Select My schedule to search for and add sessions to your personal Summit schedule, OR
    3. Select the Sessions tab from the top navigation to be taken to the Sessions page to browse and search by keywords or apply the various filters to find sessions that interest you.
    4. Select Add to schedule to add a session to your personal Summit schedule. Filter by My schedule to show only those sessions you’ve added to your schedule.
    5. Select the heart icon to favorite it. Filter by My favorites to show only those sessions you've favorited. On My schedule, click Show favorites to view these sessions alongside your scheduled sessions.

    How do I delete or swap a session on my schedule?

    Delete a session

    • To remove a session in My schedule(opens in a new window) view:
      1. Select the session you’d like to remove from your schedule, then select Scheduled and Yes, remove session.
      2. Note: Upon confirming this action, the session will be removed from your schedule.
    • To remove a session in the Sessions page:(opens in a new window)
      1. Search for and find the session you’d like to remove.
      2. Select Remove.
      3. Search for other sessions to schedule in its place. Apply the filters to narrow your search.

    Swap a session:

    • To swap a session in My schedule(opens in a new window) view:
      1. Select the time block behind the session that’s on your schedule.
      2. Find the new session you’d like and select Add to schedule. Confirm if you want to replace the scheduled session with the new one or not and select Schedule session.
    • To swap a session in the Sessions page:(opens in a new window)
      1. Find the session you want to schedule and select Add to schedule. If you have a conflict at this same time, you will be prompted to confirm which session you would like in this timeslot. Confirm if you want to replace the existing scheduled session with the new one or not.
      2. Make your selection, then select Submit to update your schedule.

    Can the room assignments for sessions change?

    Yes. Room assignments will be displayed in the session catalog and on your schedule the week before the event. Please plan to access your schedule just before arriving at Summit to identify the most updated room assignments for your sessions.

    Why do the sessions and labs overlap sometimes?

    We try to balance out the schedule so that everyone can still attend the same minimum number of sessions and labs per day. We also try to avoid having sessions end at the exact same time that labs begin (or vice versa) to help ensure attendees can get from one to another before start time.

    What should I bring to Adobe Summit sessions and labs?


    • We recommend you bring something to take notes with: pen and paper, tablet, laptop, etc.


    • All necessary equipment and files will be provided for you.

    If I have pre-enrolled for a session, will my seat still be reserved?

    • Your seat will be reserved until three minutes before the session start time.
    • If you fail to arrive three minutes prior, your seat will be forfeited.
    • Please arrive early to secure your seat. Your enrollment in a session will be validated and scanned at the time of entry.

    What are the waitlist policies for in-person sessions?

    Joining a session waitlist does not guarantee you a seat in the session. Three weeks prior to Summit, all waitlists will close. At that time, any waitlisted attendees who were not admitted to the session will be notified and advised to sign up for an open session. Please review our onsite wait line policy below:

    Onsite wait line:

    • If you are not pre-enrolled for a session you can stand in the onsite waiting line outside of the session room.
    • We suggest you arrive 15–20 minutes prior to the session start time.
    • Two minutes prior to the start of the session, if seats are available, the door monitor will allow waiting line attendees into the room as space allows.

    Can I simultaneously register for a session and add myself to a waitlist for another session at the same or overlapping timeslot?

    No, the Summit session catalog does not allow for double-booking. We recommend that if there are two sessions you are interested in attending at the same time, you register for the one that has space to reserve your seat. You can also favorite sold out sessions and return to watch the recordings online after the event.

    Will I get copies of the presentations and materials for in-person sessions and labs?

    • Presentations and materials for all sessions that we are permitted to share will be posted when Summit is over.
    • Materials will be available for download via the session catalog when you are logged in.
    • Some of our speakers are bound by copyright or licensing agreements and therefore do not permit us to make their materials available for download.
    • Please note that in-person lab materials are only available to in-person attendees.
  • What is the Community Pavilion?

    The Community Pavilion is the epicenter of connection and engagement at the in-person Summit experience.

    • Sponsors: If you're looking for a tool to help grow or improve your business, our sponsors can help. Explore the latest products and services to find what you need.
    • Adobe booth: Experts from our product teams, solution consulting, professional services, customer success, Experience League, and Ultimate Support will be on-hand to demo our latest innovations and discuss value, adoption, and success strategies. Don't miss your chance to get swag while you're at it.
    • Community Pavilion Theater: Drop by to hear from industry leaders and Adobe partners as they share their customer experience insights, and tips and tricks for growth at the all-new Community Pavilion Theater.
    • Meeting Zone: Sponsor meeting rooms and meeting tables available to all attendees are located in the Meeting Zone. The meeting tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Take a break: Learn how you measure up against Shaq, create a custom designed t-shirt using Adobe Express, or challenge your friends to a game of foosball. Don’t forget to visit the puppies and kittens before heading out on Thursday.

    What products and solutions are available at the Adobe Booth?

    • Adobe Advertising
    • Adobe Campaign
    • Adobe Commerce
    • Adobe Customer Journey Analytics
    • Adobe Digital Learning Services
    • Adobe Document Cloud
    • Adobe Experience Cloud
    • Adobe Experience Manager Assets
    • Adobe Experience Manager Forms
    • Adobe Experience Manager Guides
    • Adobe Experience Manager Sites
    • Adobe Experience Platform
    • Adobe Express, Adobe Firefly, and Custom Solutions
    • Adobe Feedback Program
    • Adobe Journey Optimizer
    • Adobe Learning Manager
    • Adobe Marketo Engage, Adobe Marketo Measure, and Adobe Dynamic Chat
    • Adobe Mix Modeler
    • Adobe Professional Services
    • Adobe Real-Time CDP
    • Adobe Target
    • Adobe Workfront
    • Adobe GenStudio
    • Experience League
    • Project Sapphire
    • Ultimate Support

    For descriptions, please check out the Summit mobile app.

    What evening events are taking place during Adobe Summit?

    Your Summit registration includes access to the following events:

    • Welcome Reception: Tuesday, March 26, 5:30–7:00pm in the Community Pavilion. Kick off your social time at Summit by attending the opening party. We’ll provide great food and drinks while you network with thousands of industry leaders, Adobe experts, and innovative Summit sponsors.
    • Community Mixer: Wednesday, March 27, 4:00–5:30pm in the Community Pavilion. Visit the sponsor booths to see what products and services they’re offering, meet some new friends, and enjoy a little happy hour before the Summit Sneaks. Community Mixer is sponsored by Atlassian.
    • Summit Bash: Wednesday, March 27, 7:30–11:00pm at AREA15. Create your own amazing, personalized Bash experience. There’s so much to see and do on our expanded campus at AREA15 we can’t list it all! Don’t miss a live performance from DJ Diesel. The performance and other activations will be held outside. Please dress accordingly. Choose from unforgettable experiences like a panoramic skyline ride, Army of the Dead VR experience, axe-throwing lounge, game arcade, Illuminarium, flight simulator, digital carnival, Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart, and much more. Eat and drink your way around the Bash. Plan your party adventure with this Bash map.

    How should I prepare for Summit Bash?

    Please review the following information and policies to best prepare for Bash:

    Summit Bash Access:

    • Summit badges are required for access and must be worn in plain view at all times.
    • All attendees will go through metal detectors, or another equivalent technology, at AREA15 prior to entering the event.
    • Please note: Access to Meow Wolf/Omega Mart will require a secondary bag check.
    • Weapons of any kind and vape pens are strictly prohibited. AREA15 is a non-smoking facility.
    • Camera policy:
      • NO selfie sticks
      • NO tripods
      • NO telephoto lenses exceeding 100mm
    • Don’t forget your ID!
      • While we are not requiring an ID check at Bash, anyone who looks under 30 may be asked to present an ID.

    Bash bag policy:

    • Backpacks and large purses are not allowed inside AREA15.
    • Acceptable bag size: 10” L x 6” D x 3” W
    • Large backpacks and/or bags must be stored in your hotel room or in the Summit bag check area.
    • Bag check is available Wednesday 8am–11:30pm on Level 1 – Expo Lobby (near the entrance to Hall G)

    Bash shuttle transportation (to/from AREA15):

    • Summit badges are required to board the bus and must be worn in plain view.
    • Shuttles to AREA15 will be provided from Sands Avenue through Hall G.
    • Return shuttles will provide continuous service from AREA15 to Venetian Expo lobby.
    • Shuttle service will be provided from 7–11:30pm.

    Bash rideshares:
    Your safety is our priority. Rideshare pick up and drop off pins have been arranged to ensure the safest and most convenient experience for attendees.

    • Rideshare pick up is ONLY available from the Venetian 2nd Floor Mall Valet and the Palazzo Lobby Lower Level. Please adhere to hotel guidelines.
    • Rideshare pick up is NOT available from the Expo lobby on Wednesday afternoon and evening.
  • What is the pre-authorized amount for incidentals?

    • Upon check-in, the hotel will authorize approximately $100 per night to your debit/credit card on file for any incidental charges (movies, hotel dining outlets, etc.).
    • Any unused authorized funds will be released back to you between 3-5 business days after your departure. Because of this hold, it is recommended that you use a credit card for these authorizations so that your personal funds on your debit card will not be affected during your stay.

    What is the hotel cancellation policy?

    The Venetian® Resort Las Vegas has a 72-hour cancellation policy prior to your arrival. If you fail to cancel at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled arrival date, or you fail to check in at the hotel on the scheduled arrival date, your one-night deposit will be forfeited.

    When do I get a confirmation number?

    Hotel confirmation numbers will be included in the final details communication the week of March 11. Hotels will not have a record of your reservation until after March 11. If you did not receive this communication and confirmation number, please reach out to Event Support.

    Is rideshare available at the Venetian?

    Pick-up locations:

    • The Venetian: Level 2 – Mall Valet
    • The Palazzo: Lower Level – Porte Cochere (near Valet Parking)
    • Venetian Expo: Lower Level – Driveway red curb (note: not available on Wednesday, March 27, 4:00pm–1:00am)

    Drop off locations:

    • The Venetian: Main Entrance (available lane nearest the entrance)
    • The Palazzo: Upper Level (available lane nearest the entrance)
    • Venetian Expo: Main Entrance (note: not available on Wednesday, March 27, 4:00pm–1:00am)

    What airport serves the Las Vegas area?

    Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) is the main commercial airport for the Las Vegas Valley and Clark County, Nevada. It is located two miles from the Las Vegas Strip and 15 miles from downtown. Numerous transportation options are available.

    How do I get from the airport to my hotel?

    There are many different transportation options in Las Vegas, including shuttle buses, taxis, car rentals, and limousine services. The taxi system in Las Vegas is very robust, with continuous service available from The Venetian® Resort Las Vegas to and from Harry Reid International Airport. More information on The Venetian® Resort Las Vegas hotel transportation services are available on their site.(opens in a new window)

    Is there a charge for overnight/day use parking at The Venetian® Resort Las Vegas?

    The daily self-parking fee for registered hotel guests is $18/day, seven days a week.
    For non-hotel guests, self-parking rates start at $15 for up to four hours, Monday – Thursday. Four to 24 hours will be $18, Monday – Thursday. The rate is $23/day Friday – Sunday.
    Valet parking remains $40/day.
    Grazie® Rewards Premier members and above will receive complimentary self-parking. Grazie Rewards Elite members and above will continue to receive complimentary valet parking.
    Nevada residents will receive three hours of complimentary self-parking by scanning their valid Nevada Driver’s License at a self-parking kiosk.

    Where can I find information about the Las Vegas area?

    Information regarding Las Vegas attractions can be found at Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.(opens in a new window)

    What kind of weather should I anticipate?

    The average temperatures in Las Vegas in March range from a low of 44 degrees to a high of 78 degrees.

    What kind of identification do I need to gain access to any Las Vegas lounge/bar/club?

    A government-issued ID stating you are 21 is required at all Las Vegas venues. Even at Summit hosted events, your Summit badge will not be enough to gain access due to strict enforcement. We highly recommend always having your government-issued ID or International passport with you.

  • What COVID-19 safety measures will you have in place at Adobe Summit?

    Your safety is a top priority at Summit. We are developing protocols for our Las Vegas attendees based on several factors, including official government guidance, medical data privacy, and specific event considerations. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 conditions. As we approach the event date, the Adobe Summit Health & Safety policy is subject to change, and policy updates will be available here and emailed to registered attendees.

  • How can I learn more about sponsors?

    Learn more about any of our sponsors by visiting the Summit Sponsors page. Our sponsors offer leading products and services for digital experience experts. Our sponsor companies help attendees gain insights and skills for creating personalized experiences that drive customer engagement, brand loyalty, and growth.

    Do you have sponsorship opportunities?

    Yes, there are unique sponsorship options available. Complete the form on the Become a sponsor page and a sponsorship sales representative will reach out to you.

  • What commitment does Adobe make to accessibility?

    Adobe welcomes the participation of individuals with disabilities and will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations to enable equitable participation at Adobe Summit.

    How much notice is required to make accessibility arrangements?

    Please submit your request by February 16, 2024. We will do our best to accommodate requests made after this date.

    How can I rent a wheelchair, scooter, mobility device, etc.?

    Wheelchair and scooter rental reservations should be made in advance. Overnight rentals can be picked up and dropped off at the Venetian or Palazzo bell desks. Daily rentals can be picked up and dropped off at the business center on Level 1 of the Venetian Convention and Expo Center. Contact Desert Medical Equipment at (702) 876-9171 or online(opens in a new window) to make a reservation or for more information.

    Where can I charge my mobility device?

    There are power outlets throughout the conference locations. Feel free to charge whenever needed.

    How do I request an auxiliary aid or sign language interpreter?

    You can request an auxiliary aid or sign language interpreter when registering for Adobe Summit by indicating that you have accessibility requirements.

    Will there be real-time captioning available in sessions?

    All keynotes, Sneaks, and sessions will have open captioning onscreen in a reserved seating area at the front row of each session room. Open captioning will be in English.

    Are service animals allowed?

    Yes. No restrictions or any fees are charged for a guest that has a service animal on property. Registered service animals are allowed in the meeting space. Please note that only dogs and mini horses are considered service animals based on the ADA requirements.

    When a guest with a service animal checks in, only two questions might be asked, if the disability is not initially apparent:

    • Is the service animal required because of a disability?
    • What work or task has the animal been certified to perform?

    Will gender-neutral restrooms be available?

    There are no gender-neutral restrooms in the Venetian® Resort Las Vegas. However, there are family restrooms located on Levels 2–5 on the east side of the Convention Center.

    Will lactation rooms be available for nursing parents?

    To provide a welcoming environment for all Adobe Summit attendees, a dedicated lactation room will be available at the Venetian Convention and Expo Center. The lactation room is a private space where lactating mothers are welcome to pump.

    Where can I find a Sharps disposal container?

    Sharps containers are not available in the restrooms. Please turn your items into one of the First Aid stations for safe disposal.

  • Does Adobe Summit have a code of conduct for the event?

    The Adobe Summit conference is dedicated to providing a fun, engaging, and safe event for everyone. All Adobe Summit participants, including attendees, speakers, sponsors, vendors, and Adobe staff (“participants”) must comply with the Adobe Summit code of conduct. By attending Adobe Summit, you are agreeing to abide by this code of conduct. Anyone found to be violating this code of conduct may be expelled at the discretion of organizers. Adobe has a zero-tolerance policy and will not tolerate any harassing or abusive behavior towards any participant or event staff. Examples of unacceptable behavior or content include, but are not limited to:

    • Deliberate intimidation, stalking, or harassment
    • Pornographic, sexually explicit, or violent material
    • Disruptive behavior
    • Hateful or highly offensive content, including statements that attack or dehumanize a person based on gender, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, or political affiliation
    • Profanity
    • Spam
    • Misleading, fraudulent, or deceptive statements
    • Refusal to comply with rules governing access to the venue including safety and security requirements, displaying an event badge and adhering to COVID-19 protocols.

    Please report any abusive content or behavior to event support. If you are on site, event staff can help you contact event security or local law enforcement, provide escorts, or assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe during the conference. Please contact a member of the event staff, identified by their badge, visit the registration area or the information desk in the lobby.

    If in doubt, please keep it positive and professional and be mindful of the information that you choose to share with other participants.

    We expect all participants to help create a safe and supportive environment of inclusiveness, and we look forward to your attendance.

    Where can I learn about Adobe Experience Cloud products?

    Sign in to Adobe Experience League(opens in a new window) using your Adobe ID and password to access self-guided tutorials, how-to videos and courses for all levels and roles, a community of peers, and technical support resources including documentation. It’s all available in one place for Adobe Experience Cloud customers.

    How can I continue to network with other Adobe Experience Cloud experts and users after Adobe Summit?

    Create ongoing connections with your peers and Adobe experts in Adobe Experience League Communities.(opens in a new window) There’s a community for every product and interest.

    How do I stay current on Summit developments?

    If you’re not already subscribed to the Summit mailing list, sign up with the link in the footer. Check out the Summit blog(opens in a new window) for all the latest updates.

    How can I connect with our community on social?

    Use #AdobeSummit and tag @AdobeSummit when posting. For conference news and details follow @AdobeSummit on X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook.

    Is there a minimum age for Adobe Summit attendees?

    For the in-person event, the minimum age to attend is 21 years, and no one under this age (including infants) will be admitted.

    For the online event, there is no specific age limit, however, you must be 13 years or older to create an Adobe ID.

    What is the Tax ID number?

    The tax ID number for Summit is 77-813311152.

    How do I obtain a W-9 form?

    To request a W-9 form, send an email to event support.

    What should I wear? Is there a dress code?

    During the conference, business casual attire is appropriate. Plan to bring a sweater or jacket for the cool session rooms and cooler evening temperatures.

    What commitments to the environment does Adobe Summit make?

    We’re committed to making Summit an eco-friendly event in whatever ways we can. The Venetian is heavily invested in eco-friendly operations in Las Vegas, including waste reduction, resource conservation, and the use of sustainable materials. More information on their sustainability initiatives can be found on their website here.(opens in a new window)

    Where is the lost and found located?

    For lost and found items, please contact the Summit security team via any security officer or via the registration counter at Level 2 – Venetian Ballroom D during open registration hours. To inquire about a lost item after Summit is over, please contact Lost items will be held for 90 days post-event.

  • How do I contact event support?

    Please review all FAQs to ensure the best possible experience at Adobe Summit 2024.
    You may contact us through email or by phone:
    U.S. and Canada: 866-855-3804
    International: +1-650-416-8162
    Event support is available from 6am PT to 6pm PT.

    Where should I send a media inquiry?

    Please email your media inquiries to our PR team.